Bajaj Dominar Scrambler & Classic versions coming soon to India

Bajaj Auto is said to be building two new versions of the Dominar, both of which could be launched in months from now. Web reports suggest that Classic and Scrambler versions of the Dominar are being built to make the motorcycle appeal to a wider range of buyers.

Bajaj Dominar Scrambler & Classic versions coming soon to India

With the new variants of the Dominar, Bajaj Auto is likely to try and chip away at marketshare from Royal Enfield’s Classic range. So far, Royal Enfield has completely dominated the market, leaving little room for the Dominar. Things could change once the Scrambler and retro-styled Dominar Classic make it to the market.

The Scrambler version of the Dominar is expected to have features specifically meant to make it a better motorcycle off the road. Moreover, touring ability is something that the Dominar Scrambler is likely to get. We expect Bajaj to offer accessories such as a tall windscreen, luggage panniers and stays, better lighting and also more engine and chassis protection bits.

The engine is likely to be left unchanged as it’s already a torquey unit with 35 Bhp of peak power and 35 Nm of peak torque from its 373cc capacity. Tyres are likely to become grippier for off road use. Switchable ABS? Well, this will be a feature that most bikers would love to have.

The Classic version of the Dominar could feature retro styling. However, test mules of neither the Classic nor the Scrambler versions of the Dominar have not yet been spotted. So, until that happens, we have no way of knowing what the new motorcycles will actually look like.

Bajaj Auto’s aggressive ad strategy to combat the Royal Enfields isn’t really working. The Dominar is still a tepid seller with Bajaj averaging about 1,000 units per month. The new variants could boost sales in a big way if styled well, and Bajaj is known to be a responsive company. Now, let’s wait and watch for the new Dominars.

Via Thrustzone