Bajaj Dominar trolls Royal Enfield in hilarious video ad!

This one can elicit a chuckle out of even the most loyal Royal Enfield fans. The latest video advertisement from Bajaj promoting the Dominar targets Royal Enfield, and its retro nostalgia.

You could say they had to do something like this. After all, Royal Enfield, despite the myriad niggles experienced by their riders – and the more serious complaints from Himalayan owners – is still going strong, riding high on retro vintage nostalgia and biker culture. Dominar, despite being much better on paper, still lags seriously behind. June 2017 sales for the Dominar were only 927 units, while the REs all put together sold 61671 units.

Here is the video

We can’t wait to see Royal Enfield’s response. Or perhaps none would come. After all, their bikes are selling better than ever, and no need for the winner to acknowledge a potshot, right?