Bajaj Dominar vibrating? Bajaj dealers offering a free solution! [Video]


The Dominar is the most powerful bike by Bajaj till date. The Sports tourer comes has muscle bike inspired design and powerful engine to boot. A lot of people have also modified their Dominars into full fledged tourers and the mod jobs look quite good too. Now there are some people who complained about the vibrations coming from the bike. For the same, here is a video by BANG2W Bangalore on 2 wheels which talks about a free vibration kit installation on the bike.

As seen in the video, the additional kit installed by the Bajaj dealership results in positive response from the owner. For getting this kit on your bike, you first have to go to the the dealership from where the bike was bought. Ask the concerned person about the kit after reaching. Keep in mind that that the kit is free of cast and not chargeable. Contact the Dominar support team if the dealership denies availability or asks for a money.

Talking of the kit, it basically is designed to be snugged around the engine so as to absorb the vibrations going in the body. The kit consists of various small parts and needs to be put in exact right places for it to work accurately. After the whole work is done and the owner gets his bike back in the evening, he takes it around for a spin to see if there are any changes. According to the video, the bike now felt a lot vibration free and quite relaxing to snug around in the city. The Dominar in the video is a 2017 model but the kit is available for all the models of the bike, which is another good thing about it.

Dominar 400

Talking of the bike, the Bajaj Dominar is powered by a 373.5 cc engine that produces a maximum 34.5 Bhp of power and 35 Nm of torque. The company will also launch a new version of the bike soon and it had been caught testing a lot of times. Changes on the new bike include a BSVI compliant engine, upside down front forks, revamped exhaust canister design, new alloy wheels and probably a newer instrument cluster too.

The Bajaj Dominar 400 has a retail price of Rs. 1.63 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). The bike was positioned as a sports tourer by Bajaj and as an indirect competitor to the Royal Enfield bike range. The bike, however, did not turn out to be the kind of success story the company was expecting it to be, which does not mean that it performed badly in terms of sales. However, with the new model, the company looks forward to change that. Bajaj is also reportedly developing a more powerful 250 cc version on the Pulsar which has also been spied many times.