Bajaj Dominar vs Royal Enfield Himalayan on an off-road track: This is what happened [Video]

Bajaj Dominar, which is the brand’s current flagship model has been targeting the Royal Enfield brand in multiple advertisements. While there have been many debates about both the motorcycles in the past, a video surfaced that shows Royal Enfield Himalayan and Bajaj Dominar going up the same terrain.

Here is what happened

In the video, the Royal Enfield Himalayan climbs up the unpaved terrain without much sweat. The second in line, Bajaj Dominar follows the Himalayan and gets stuck in a deep sand pit. Dominar’s rear wheel gets fixed in the pit and the wheel starts to spin.

The rider then tries to go back and attempt going through the pit again. However, the wheel gets stuck again giving a similar wheelspin in the end. The fellow riders can be seen coming for help and trying to get him out in the end but the video ends before the rescue happens.

What’s happening here?

We all know that the capability of any vehicle including motorcycles depends on the person controlling it and it applies here too. There are also other factors that make the Himalayan glide through the obstacle while the Dominar gets stuck. While both the motorcycles have a similar kerb weight of 182 kg, the Dominar is front heavy. The heavy front keeps it quite stable on the straight roads but may create such problems on the off-road sections.

The rider on the Dominar sits aggressively putting more pressure on the handle, the Himalayan’s upright sitting posture keeps the body weight evenly distributed on both the wheels, which made it easier for the Himalayan to climb through

The Dominar also has road-biased tyres as against Himalayan’s dual-purpose tyres. The bigger blocks of the Himalayan provides better grip than Dominar’s rubbers. The Himalayan also gets better low-end torque than the Dominar. While Dominar gets 34.5 Bhp at 8,000 rpm and 30 Nm at 5,500 rpm, the Himalayan gets 24.5 Bhp at 6,500 rpm and 32 Nm at 4,250. The Himalayan gets a better ground clearance too.

Not only the Himalayan has a better torque output than the Dominar but also, the Himalayan has the maximum output at 4,250 rpm while the Dominar’s torque maximizes 5,500 rpm. The better-low end torque means better off-road capabilities. These factors along with the better-distributed weight plus skills of the rider made the Himalayan glide over the challenge while Dominar struggled.

But the Dominar is a supremely capable bike in its own right…

The Dominar is much cheaper than the Himalayan and is equipped with a lot more features. The better power output and smoother engine mean comfortable ride on the open highways. It is also better equipped and gets optional dual-channel ABS, which is a very important feature to have on the Indian roads, where surprises are abundant.

The Dominar also gets full LED headlamp set-up among other features like better fuel economy. So both the bikes have their areas of operation where they excel. All of the above factors play an important role in bike’s capability too.