‘Bajaj Dominar vs social media’ ads take subtle digs at Royal Enfield

Bajaj is back with a new series of Dominar advertisement and yet again they have taken a subtle hit at Royal Enfield. Bajaj Auto’s previous advertisement mocked Royal Enfield motorcycles as “Hathi” (Elephant). Here is what it is all about.

Bajaj Dominar Vs Royal Enfield

The latest advertisement shows Bajaj Dominar racing against a social media updates. At 2 minutes 13 seconds of the video, the presenter says “Size without performance is just not good enough”. While the message may not be as clear as the one shown in the last advertisement but it’s pretty clear that it’s Royal Enfield that Bajaj is referring to when it talks about ‘size without performance’.

The advertisement is about the Dominar reaching 140 km/h speed before a social media user can type 140 characters on Twitter. The Dominar wins the race against the social media update.

Bajaj has also released two more advertisements as a part of the series. In the second part, the Dominar is showing off its agility by passing through a series of slalom while racing against a guy who is searching a particular girl on a dating app.

In the final episode of the series, the Dominar has to reach a given spot to photobomb a group of people taking a picture of themselves. The Dominar reaches the spot before the camera clicks and successfully photobombs the group.

Not the first time

When the Dominar was being launched, Rajiv Bajaj had said that the Dominar is aimed at the Royal Enfield motorcycles. Since then, Bajaj has taken numerous digs on the Royal Enfield motorcycles including the latest one. At the time of the launch, Bajaj had said that they are planning to sell 10,000 units of the Dominar. Later, Bajaj clarified that 10,000 units are including the exports.

Currently, the Dominar is selling just above 1,200 – 1,300 units per month. The Royal Enfield Classic 350, on the other hand, is selling in huge numbers of more than 42,000 units per month. Bajaj may take numerous digs at the Royal Enfield brand in India but it is very far away from giving any real competition to the brand.