Bajaj files trademark for Blade nametag: New electric scooter?

End of last month we reported to you that the Pune-based two-wheeler manufacturing giant Bajaj Auto Limited filed trademarks for two new names in the country. Well, this month we again have the news that the company has filed yet another trademark for a name. This time around Bajaj has trademarked the name Blade and the filing was done by the automaker in March, which is yet to be approved by the authorities.

Bajaj files trademark for Blade nametag: New electric scooter?

The filed Blade trademark has been done under the Class 12 which means that the name could be used for anything ranging from motorcycles to scooters, electric vehicles and three-wheelers. Although considering the brand’s lack of interest in producing petrol-powered scooters, the Blade moniker is almost certainly saved for a planned electric scooter based on the Chetak platform. However, it is yet to be seen if this EV scooter will be a regular commuter scooter with less range and optimised speed or a sportier alternative to scooters like Ather 450X and Simple One.

Recalling from the history books, this is not the first that the Pune-based two-wheeler manufacturer has tried to trademark the Blade name. According to old filings, Bajaj back in 2006 also tried to trademark the same name. However, the name belongs to another famous two-wheeler manufacturer Mahindra Two Wheelers and now it is to be seen if Bajaj gets its hand on the name this around.

Currently, it seems like the Blade name should be used for an electric scooter although it has to be noted that there is a slight possibility that the name could also be used for another commuter bike. This speculation has been made by several people because earlier Bajaj said that the upcoming electric scooters will be branded under the Chetak brand and as per the filings the name has been trademarked as Bajaj Blade. So it once again remains to be seen that which product Bajaj will actually use this name for.

Sources have also said that the name Blade could have been filed alongside the Pulsar Elan and Pulsar Eleganza names as all the two names were also filed at the beginning of the March of this year. Meanwhile, these are not the only three names that the Pune-based automaker has trademarked in recent history. The company previously has also filed the trademarks for names like Twinner, Freerider, Neuron, Fluor, Fluir, Scrambler and Pacer in India.

Just like this newest name, the fate of these new names is yet to be decided. Speculations are that the Pulsar Elan and Pulsar Eleganza names could be debuted on one or two new models from the brand in the coming period. Moreover, rumours on the internet have also stated that Bajaj could be resurrecting their legendary 150cc motorcycle, the Pulsar 150, under one of these two new names, although this has yet to be verified. Other rumours have circulated that the Pune-based bikemaker may be trademarking all of these names just to save them for future use, but the true reason remains unknown.