Rusting Bajaj M80 gets transformed into a home-made cafe racer [Video]

Bajaj M80 was a very popular two wheeler in step-through category in India. It was very popular and is still a model that is collected by many. It was popular in the 90’s and gained popularity because of its unique styling, ruggedness and bomb proof reliability. It had a scooter-like styling with tall motorcycle like wheels. Here we have an old Bajaj M80 that has been modified into a cafe racer at a backyard garage.

The video has been uploaded by sudus custom on their youtube channel. This the same person who had built a mini working model of Volkswagen Beetle that runs using a 2 stroke motorcycle engine. The vlogger simply shows what all modifications are done and how it has been done. It had taken out some of the parts like side panels, front, chain case, engine, seat and other components. Then he paints them with a coat of primer and after that had dried out, he gives it a gun metal grey coloured coat which looks great. The side panels are given white paint job and the front panel gets white paint job with airbrush painting on it.

The whole body of the car gets is an olive green shade and that goes well with the white panel on the scooter. Other parts like the swingarm, custom made engine guard are painted in neon green shade. Parts like the speedometer, headlamp are all removes and this gives the scooter a naked look. In the video vlogger says that the naked look was totally unintentional as he had ordered headlight online but, the part was not delivered to his area due to COVID-19.

Rusting Bajaj M80 gets transformed into a home-made cafe racer [Video]

Other parts like the steel rims were also given a black paint job and the back panel on the brakes are given a multi-colour treatment. The clutch lever, and the gear shifter on the scooter was fabricated by the vlogger in his workshop only. The front mudguard has been completely removed and the rear mudguard has been slightly chopped off.

The stock tail light has been removed and has been replaced with an aftermarket unit with is placed right after the seat. The seat itself is a unit that is borrowed from some cafe racer motorcycle. Overall, the work done on this two-wheeler looks beautiful considering the fact that he had only limited supplies in his shop as most of the shops were closed due to the pandemic.