Bajaj Platina after covering 2.87 lakh km: What is it like? [Video]

There are many cars that have run for lakhs of kilometres and still have the juice to run for many more but most two-wheelers do not reach that kind of mileage in their lifetime. Here is a Bajaj Platina that has reached an exceptional mileage of 2.87 lakh km and here’s what the owner of the bike thinks about it.

The video uploaded by KHOZ INDIA shows the owner of the bike talking about the bike. This is 2015 Bajaj Platina and belongs to Jagannath Shinde who belongs from Satara district in Maharashtra. Jagannath Shinde introduces himself as the son of a farmer and says he has always been an enthusiast for long distance touring. According to Jagannath, he has dreamt of exploring on a motorcycle since childhood.

After buying the bike on 15th August 2015, he left for his first trip in September where he covered states like Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Uttrakhand and other adjoining states. Jagannath has also done the Ladakh region on the very same Platina. According to him, on his way to Leh, he was stopped at Manali because of the small capacity bike. After that, he requested the DC of Manali who allowed him to go on the journey. The Platina has also reached the Khardung La top, which is quite a feat.

Bajaj Platina after covering 2.87 lakh km: What is it like? [Video]

Jagannath plans to complete a total of 5 lakh km on the Platina in the coming years. He says that the Platina that he is riding is extremely comfortable and does not feel any discomfort on the bike. In one stretch, he has completed more than 800 km in 18 hours from Pune to Mysore.

Jagannath says that the engine is stock and no work has been done on it yet. He changes the engine oil every 4,000 km to keep it in the top condition. The clutch is also in stock condition. He says that the front tyre of the bike has been replaced 6 times and the rear tyre of the bike has been replaced 10 times during the lifetime of the bike. He gets a fuel efficiency of over 80 km/l on the highways and 60 km/l on the mountain roads. He then shares his best moments with the bike saying how both of them survived the worst roads in the North Eastern states. He remembers that it took him 7 hours to cover 25 km and even after falling down multiple times, the bike never failed.

The Bajaj Platina seen in the video looks in stock form. However, it gets a few additions like a top box in the rear to keep the essentials safe during the trips. He has also pasted various stickers on the bike that he has collected during his journeys to the different corners of the country. People who are wondering about why odometer showing only 87,000 km should note that maximum odometer reading that can be displayed on the Platina is 99,000 and after that, the odometer resets to zero!