Bajaj to launch 125 cc Pulsar in India soon

It has been in public knowledge since some time now that Bajaj is planning to launch a new 125 cc motorcycle in India. Earlier, it was being speculated that this will be the smaller version of the NS series since the NS 125 is sold in several international markets. However, the latest report from Autocar India suggests otherwise. According to the report, Bajaj will not bring the NS 125 to India but instead will launch a new 125 cc Pulsar in the country. The main reason behind bringing a Pulsar series bike in the 125 cc segment and not an NS series motorcycle is said to be the huge popularity of the former in India along with a lower cost of development.

Bajaj Pulsar 125 Ns


If this is true, the Pulsar 125 will be the smallest displacement bike to be launched by Bajaj in nearly 18 years of existence of the Pulsar series. Till date, the Pulsar 135 was the least displacement bike under the Pulsar umbrella and it was discontinued some time back. As mentioned earlier, the NS 125 is sold in international markets like Indonesia where it sells in decent numbers too. However, when comparing NS to Pulsar in India, the latter certainly has much more popularity as a stronger foothold.

Apart from this, another reason why Bajaj is bringing in a 125 cc Pulsar is the increasing cost of motorcycles which is directly affecting sales. A lot of regulations have now come into play which has increased the prices of bikes. This includes the ABS rule, the insurance rates hike, and the recent BSVI compliance deadline. It can be said therefore that the next 2 years will see prices of two-wheelers rise substantially. The 125c Pulsar will make sense here as it will be cheaper since it won’t need ABS. However, it is not yet confirmed as Bajaj could launch an ABS-equipped version of the bike too.

The design of the Pulsar 125 is expected to be pretty much the same as the Pulsar 150. As for the engine and other technical details, there is no official information on the same by the company yet. It could come with a setup that is similar to what the NS 125 offers. Speaking of which, the  NS 125 is powered by a 125 cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine with a four-valve head and it is mated to a five-speed gearbox. This engine churns out 13 Bhp of power at 9000 rpm along with 11.4 Nm of torque at 7,500rpm.

Now it can’t be said if the engine on the Pulsar 125 will have the exact same power output as the NS 125 but it will in the same range for sure. The launch could happen in a about a month from now and the prices of the bike could be around Rs. 65,00 price mark.