Bajaj Pulsar 150 modified to look like a Pulsar 220 [video]

Bajaj Pulsar is one of the motorcycles that had started the trend of powerful motorcycles in the country. The name became so popular that Bajaj decided to launch different variants under the same name. Some had bigger engines whereas some had a smaller and less powerful ones. For some time, Bajaj Pulsar 220 was the fastest Indian bike sold in the country. It still has that charm and the Bajaj has not drastically changed anything about design of these motorcycles. Here we have a video that shows how can one convert a regular Bajaj Pulsar 150 to look like a 220F.

The video has been uploaded by sudus custom who was already in the news for making a miniature model of Volkswagen Beetle using a motorcycle engine. To know about the home-made Beetle click here. Here in this video the vlogger who owns a workshop is approached by a customer whether he can fix a Pulsar 220F fairing to his Pulsar 150.

The vlogger starts by removing the headlight assembly that was already damaged. He removes the headlight stay and all the clamps that were holding it in place. He then finds a used Pulsar 220 fairing and tries fixing it in place using a clamp that he had fabricated in his workshop. The whole clamp was an important component as it would hold the fairing and will also make sure that the headlights are properly positioned.

Bajaj Pulsar 150 modified to look like a Pulsar 220

The Pulsar that he was working on was black in colour but, the fairing he had found was a combination of both black and blue. So he decided to repaint the fairing along with the front mudguard which had some scratches on it. All the scratches and minor dents on both mudguard and the fairing where mended using body filler and the the parts where later sprayed black paint paint to match with other parts.

As most of the Pulsar motorcycles use similar type of speedometers, he fixes the same instrument cluster from Pulsar 150 that he had removed earlier. The fairing sit perfectly on the clamp and also hugs the fuel tank as it would normally on a 220F. The motorcycle looks really good and the job done was neat. The only flaw that we could find in the motorcycle was that the front fairing and the mudguard looked new whereas the other parts looked a bit dull.