Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS with Fuel Injection & ABS reaches dealers

Bajaj has given the Pulsar 200 NS another update. The new update is electronic fuel injection (EFI). This is in addition to ABS (a safety enhancing technology). EFI will make the Pulsar’s throttle more responsive. Mileage may also improve. The price of the bike with ABS and fuel injection is Rs. 1.09 lakhs.

Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS with Fuel Injection & ABS reaches dealers

The official launch date has not yet been revealed by the company. Since the bike is already at a dealership yard, it may soon go on sale. You may contact your local Bajaj dealer for booking details. EFI technology is already available on Bajaj bikes. The Pulsar RS200 offers it and even the Dominar 400 has it.

The 200 NS with EFI will not get any boosted power and torque figures. The 200 cc engine that has triple spark technology and liquid cooling will continue with same outputs – 23 BHP and 18.3 NM. A 6 speed manual gearbox, disc brakes, digital instrument cluster, ABS and monoshock suspension are other prominent featues on the bike.

A note on EFI technology

More and more bikes are now being offered with fuel injection. This technology is replacing carburetors. Fuel injection involves the computerised control of fuel delivery to the engine. This is more accurate than mechanical control, i.e. carburetor method.

The fuel injection system has three main components – a computer chip (ECU), an injector and sensors. The sensors send the ECU data like throttle position, ambient pressure, etc. The ECU then tells the injector about the exact amount of fuel that should be injected into the engine. The injector then handles the fuel injection.

Benefits of EFI include better mileage, lesser tail pipe emissions and better throttle response. The disadvantages are higher cost and complexity. Roadside mechanics may not be able to repair the bike. Overall, it is a positive change on the bike. We welcome it.

Via Motoroids