Biker sets Bajaj Pulsar 220 on fire to emulate GHOST RIDER [Video]

A few months ago, we shared a video of a vlogger trying to be the Ghost Rider! Well, Ghost Rider is a fantasy movie starring based on a Marvel character. It was Nicolas Cage and was released back in 2007. In the movie, the character used to ride on a cruiser bike that engulfed in flames whenever he turned into the Ghost Rider. Those are the scenes most of us remember. The vlogger enacted the same scenes trying to be better than the last time and here is the result.

This time, they modified the Bajaj Pulsar to increase the length of the fork of the bike. This is much better than the last time since the heat from the burning tyres forced the rider to quit riding the bike. No such thing happened this time around. Also, they only burned the front tyre instead of putting both the wheels on the flame. However, the rider was not wearing any protective gear and did not have a fireproof suit, which is quite dangerous. They had a couple of fire extinguishers on the site though. The rider can be seen getting uncomfortable during the ride and even kept his feet up in the air to avoid getting burned.

To put the front tyre on flame, they wrapped a cloth around the alloy wheel. Then the cloth was soaked with petrol, which is highly inflammable and it was set on fire. The rider covered quite a good amount of distance with the wheel burning. Since they used petrol, the bike was leaving a trail of fire on the path too. Overall, the bike recreates the effect, even though only for a few seconds.

Last time around, they had put fire on both the tyres of the bike. The bike had a pillion rider too, which made it even more dangerous. Both the riders were wearing only slippers and not even proper shoes. The temperature became so hot that the riders were trying to avoid the flames by keeping their legs away as much as possible.

But it should be noted that automobiles are built with high-quality materials. Even with the fire just a few inches away, none of the equipment on the bike, on the engine and the fuel lines did get damaged at all. If the fuel line catches fire, it can even cause a blast in the fuel tank but since it remains sealed with less amount of air, such events do not happen often.

Should you do it?

Biker sets Bajaj Pulsar 220 on fire to emulate GHOST RIDER [Video]

Absolutely not, if there’s no expert to help you with the set-up. Such stunts can go wrong within a matter of a few seconds and that’s why medical experts, stunt experts should be on the site to save you from any kind of emergency. Even most of the dangerous scenes that you see in the movies nowadays are created using CGI, which is Computer-Generated-Imagery and requires no such dangers. Getting inspired by the movies and trying to recreate such stunts in real life should not be done at all. There are many who try to recreate Fast and Furious movie stunts and get into accidents. That’s why you should enjoy such scenes on the silver screen without putting your life in danger.