Riding India’s WILDEST modified Bajaj Pulsar 220: What it’s like [Video]

In India, even though modifying a vehicle – be it a two wheeler or four wheeler is illegal – people continue to modify vehicles to their heart’s content. We have a number of custom houses and modification garages across the country who come up with great looking motorcycles and cars. We have featured several modified motorcycles and cars on our website in the past. Some of the modifications that we have seen are beautiful whereas there are some which look downright weird. Today, here we have one such motorcycle with a vert weird modification. Let’s take a look at the video to know more about what this modification actually is.

The video has been uploaded by MR. INDIAN HACKER on his youtube channel. The vlogger basically does different types of experiments on his channel and this time around, the poor Bajaj Pulsar 220 that he has used for many other experiments was used once again. The modification as we saw in the video above is that of an extended, super long front fork. The video does not show how the vlogger managed to make this modification but, it does show how the motorcycle functions after it.

The extended front forks were installed as part of the experiment that vlogger was doing and it is not a good idea to make any such an extreme modification on a bike that’s meant to be ridden everyday. By doing this modification, they have completely ruined the way bike used to handle and the seating position was also affected. The height of the bike has also increased considerably because of which the vlogger could not put his foot down to balance the motorcycle at standstill.

Riding India’s WILDEST modified Bajaj Pulsar 220: What it’s like [Video]

The front of the bike is in such a position that the rider cannot see the road in front of him. The rake angle has also increased by a lot and the rider now needs to put in more effort to turn the motorcycle than before. They even try riding with three people on the motorcycle which is again not recommended specially on a motorcycle which has seat that is inclined towards the rear.  This was just an experiment that ended on a good note but, modifications like these can be very dangerous. Needless to say, it’s totally illegal. The vlogger was doing this experiment on an open ground in order to avoid any brushes with the law.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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