Bajaj Pulsar bags best-ever monthly sales in May 2018: Here's why

Bajaj Pulsar bags best-ever monthly sales in May 2018: Here’s why

The Bajaj Pulsar range of premium commuter and entry level sportsbikes has just achieved its best-ever monthly numbers of over 70,000 units in May 2018. The terrific sales numbers for the Pulsar brand come after a couple of years of slowdown in sales. What has changed? Well, Bajaj Auto just slipped in the cut-price Pulsar 150 Classic, a motorcycle aimed primarily at bring in the big numbers. And this seems to be working for the brand. The Pulsar 150 alone clocked 52,759 units in Mar 2018, a whopping 46 % increase in sales from May 2017. Other variants of the Pulsar have also clocked a double-digit sales growth to boost the overall numbers.

Bajaj Auto sells a range of Pulsar motorcycles to suit multiple budgets. At the bottom of the spectrum is the Pulsar 150 Classic, a motorcycle that starts from Rs. 67,437, ex-showroom, Mumbai. The Pulsar Classic 150 is not yet available pan-India, but will soon be launched across the country. The Pulsar 150 Standard is priced about Rs. 6,000 higher than the Classic variant, and is another major sales puller for Bajaj Auto and the Pulsar brand. The Standard variant of the Pulsar 150 is available in two variants, one with a single disc brake and the other with twin disc brakes.

Moving up the price band, there’s the Pulsar NS 160, a sporty, liquid cooled version of the Pulsar that’s sharply styled and a lot more powerful than the 150cc variants. It’s priced at about Rs. 82,000. The Pulsar 180 is a bigger engined, air cooled Pulsar, which is about 1,000 rupees pricier than the 160 NS. Bajaj also sells a 220cc, air cooled version of the Pulsar, which is the biggest engined motorcycle in the Pulsar series. It’s priced at over Rs, 94,000. The pricier Pulsars are liquid cooled, and the flagship variants of the bike are the 200 NS and the 200 RS models. While the 200 NS is a naked, sportsbike, the RS 200 is a fully faired model. Both variants get optional ABS. The Pulsar 200 NS’ prices start from Rs. 98,000 while the 200 RS variant is priced at Rs. 1.24 lakhs.