Bajaj Pulsar: 5 GORGEOUSLY modified examples

The Bajaj Pulsar is the most popular series of performance motorcycles currently on sale and the go-to bikes for those looking for a bit of fun without really breaking the bank. Bajaj offers the Pulsar in multiple guises to cater to the needs of almost every performance enthusiast starting his journey on two wheels to performance nirvana.

However, due to its popularity, some owners modify their Pulsars to make them stand out from the crowd. In this post, we’ll take a look at five such Pulsars.

Pulsar 200 NS to Brat-Bob Sportsbike

The bikes seen above in the video by 200cc Shootout is what the youtuber calls a brat-bob style modified Sportsbike. Up front, this modified 200 NS sports a circular projector headlight with an integrated daytime running light running around its diameter. The bike features clip-on handlebars with adjustable brake and clutch levers. The sculpted tank with the skull logo in white is unlike anything you’ve ever seen on a Pulsar. The bike also seems to be on a custom frame which only allows for a single seat. The integrated taillight with indicators is also a rather nice touch.

The bikes sits on the regular Pulsar 200 NS 17-inch wheels, though the front tyre is now a Michelin 120/70 and the rear a Metzeler 200/55. The bike also features a dual-exhaust setup and the engine has been modified for more performance and this bike can hit a top speed of 168 km/h.

200 NS Converted to look like a Triumph Tiger 800

The Tiger 800 is an adventure motorcycle produced by British marque Triumph and the 200 NS seen in the video above by Bigbang Biker has been converted to look like one. There are a lot of modifications made to this Pulsar 200 NS to make it look like a Tiger 800 and all of them have been custom made. Most of the setup including the frame for the windscreen up front is made using mild steel rods which are quite sturdy but also lightweight.

Other than the manually adjustable windscreen up front, the changes on this modified 200 NS include a wider handlebar from the KTM 390 Duke and footpegs that have been pushed forward to give the rider a more comfortable riding position. More changes include longer travel front suspension, a headlamp protection cage, engine protection in the form of crash guards, a backrest for the pillion along with a extend section behind for luggage. The exhaust too is also a custom unit and has transformed the notes emitted by the engine.

2009 Pulsar 200 into Cafe Racer By Andromeda Custom Motorcycles

Bajaj Pulsar: 5 GORGEOUSLY modified examples

This modified bike it from new Custom bike builders Andromeda Custom Motorcycles, The team at this Bangalore-based ‘weekend garage, took a 2009 Bajaj Pulsar and transformed it into what you see in the images above and below. Andromeda Custom Motorcycles is basically Bangalorean Rathish Nair, his brother-in-law and friend who are corporate professionals on the weekdays.

Bajaj Pulsar: 5 GORGEOUSLY modified examples
The trio of amateurs has designed what can only be described as a timeless classic. Their build gets a custom round headlamp up front, a custom tank with the unit painted in red and a chopped tail section which means that there is only room for one on this bike. Other changes include an analogue speedometer, under seat ignition key, custom seats with red stitching, upgraded front tyre, hanging battery box, led turn and tail light along with a conical air filter and a chopped free flow exhaust.

Andromeda Customs Images Source

200 NS Into Scrambler

This Pulsar 200 NS seen in the video above by Youtuber Mukesh Studios. P has been transformed into a Scrambler by Philippino tuning house Tokwa Party Garage. The changes on this modified bike are numerous and include a circular all-LED headlamp with a custom cowl on top, motocross-style front and rear fenders, new handlebar grips with rearview mirrors mounted to the ends of the bars themselves.

The bike has been painted in a glazed white finish while the one-piece saddle is finished in what appears to be red leather. The rear end of the bike has been chopped while the taillight set around the rear end of the bikes is a wraparound LED unit. The exhaust setup on the bikes is a custom-unit and the Scrambler sits on knobby off-road tyres.

Pulsar 200 Into Stunning Black & Copper Cafe Racer

Bajaj Pulsar: 5 GORGEOUSLY modified examples

This stunning Cafe Race based on an older Pulsar 200 is the work of automobile design student Tejas Manek. Manek, who posted the video below about the build of the bike on his youtube page has built a cafe racer that is a true treat for the eyes.

Up front, the bike features a circular headlamp unit along with new handlebars that play host to circular rear-view mirrors. The footpegs have been moved back and raised to meet Manek’s requirements. The exhaust also seems to be a custom unit as is the fuel tank while the rear end which plays host to a single seat looks to have been chopped. The rear tyre also features a custom fender. The bike is painted in black with copper highlights all around and look rather brilliant.