Bajaj Pulsar NS 160 vs Suzuki Gixxer in a drag race [Video]

One of the latest fully faired bike that was launched in the Indian market was Suzuki Gixxer SF 155. Compared to the earlier version, the updated Gixxer SF looks more sportier and attractive and is a bike that will grab people’s attention on road. Main attraction in the updated Gixxer is the uniquely designed LED headlamps. In the past we have featured many drag races between bikes, cars, or bike and car. Here we have one such video which shows a drag race between the new updated Suzuki Gixer SF 155 and a Bajaj Pulsar NS 160 street naked bike. Who won the race? let’s have a look at the video to find out.

The video has been uploaded by 100kmph Biker and the video shows both Pulsar NS 160 and Gixxer 155 engaged in a Drag race on an empty stretch of road. The race is conducted in 2 rounds. In first round, as soon as the race starts, Gixxer can be seen taking the lead and the gap between the bikes keep on increasing. After a point they turn the bikes and race back to the start position, Gixxer again takes the lead and maintains it till the end.

Then in second round, riders switch the bikes and start racing again. This time surprisingly NS takes the lead and Gixxer is left behind later the rider explains that he had missed a gear and that is why he was left behind. On their way back to the start line NS takes the lead again and wins the second round. Gixxer rider is surprised and asks for the weight of the rider on NS, then another rider comes and they take another round to be sure of the results and Gixxer clearly won the race.

Bajaj Pulsar NS 160 vs Suzuki Gixxer in a drag race [Video]

Gixxer SF 155 and Pulsar NS 160 even though have more or less the same engine capacity, they both are motorcycles built for entirely different purpose. Gixxer is meant for touring whereas the NS is a street naked motorcycle. On papers because of the extra 5-cc, NS 160 is more powerful than the Gixxer. The Gixxer’s 155-cc engine produces 13.9 bhp whereas the Pulsar NS 160 produces 15.2 Bhp. Then how did it lose the race?.

Well that could be because of various reasons like, the Gixxer in comparison to the NS is a new motorcycle and is well maintained. The other factors that could have affected the result was the way the riders were riding the motorcycle, weight of the motorcycle and rider. The full-fairing on the Gixxer would have also helped it pierce through the air and the naked design on NS would have trapped air creating a drag. This does not mean NS 160 is a bad motorcyle, if the motorcycle was well maintained and had a lighter rider then things would have been different altogether.