Bajaj Pulsar RS200 motorcycle crash shows the DANGERS of wet roads [Video]

Wet roads and a leaned over motorcycle is a recipe for trouble, big trouble. A Bajaj Pulsar RS200 rider learnt this the hard way when his motorcycle literally slipped out under him, leading to a nasty crash.

Bajaj Pulsar RS200 motorcycle crash shows the DANGERS of wet roads [Video]

Riding gear was all the biker had between him and the hard road below. The whole crash was caught on video. Here, watch it for yourself, but use headphones! [Explicit language]

There are multiple things happening here. A bunch of motorcyclists are riding pretty fast on a smooth, grade separated highway somewhere in the North Eastern part of India. Speeds are high, between 80-100 Kph, and the riders take different lines into corners.

The Pulsar RS200 rider takes the inside line on a sharp, left hand corner, but fails to spot a wet road. While it’s not clear what the wetness is due to, the rider simply loses traction, just when he leaned over. The result is a nasty skid that sees both rider and bike sliding on the road.

The rider’s riding gear protects him from injury and he’s able to walk away without much injury. However, the spot where he crashed was a blind incline – a left hander. Any oncoming vehicle at high speed would have run over the rider, and this just goes on to show how lucky the rider was to not have any speedy, approaching vehicle.

Once again, this crash shows the various dangers riders can face on roads. From unexpected potholes to wet surfaces, due to myriad reasons, it’s very easy to crash on a motorcycle, and crash hard. The only savior in such cases is riding gear, and of course a spot of luck.

While riding in a group, it’s important to maintain enough distance between the lead motorcycle. Also, taking the same lines around blind corners helps. The road is NOT a race track, and it’s important for riders to realize this and ride within their abilities.

Video courtesy ProShifter Agnik