Bajaj Pulsar RS200 gets STUCK in Ladakh: Indian Army man pushes it out [Video]

The Himalayas are among the most coveted destinations for adventure and auto enthusiasts. Every year, a lot of bikers pull up their socks and go off into the lap of the great Himalayas to explore the unknown and experience the surreal experience those peaks offer. However, riding in the Himalayan mountain range is not what can be termed as a walk in the park. In fact, the journey can be so challenging at times that you’ll be out of options so as what to do. The video below by Footloose Dev shows a similar situation where a Jawa Forty-Two rider and a Bajaj Pulsar RS200 rider are stuck in their ordeal while going through the Himalayas. They are finally helped by the Indian Army Jawans as they push the Pulsar RS200 that was stuck. Check out the video below to see how things unfolded and the army Jawans helped the bikers.

The two guys riding across the Himalayas were apparently travelling through Ladakh. They had come all the way from Delhi up till here and had previously gone to Sach Pass in Himachal Pradesh. In short, they were exploring Ladakh and the Himalayas on their motorcycles and having the time of their lives, although they were faced with frequent challenges as well. During one of their rides, the Bajaj Pulsar RS200 gets stuck just after passing a shallow water pool. The bike couldn’t move up the slightly upward slope and as the surface was quite loose, the bike could not gain traction as well. The Jawa Forty-Two rider then comes to help his fellow rider but despite his efforts to push the bike out, it returned back to the same stuck position again and again.

This is when a few Army personnel spot them in between their struggle and decide to help them out. One of the army men comes to them and helps in pushing out the stick Bajaj Pulsar RS200. The bike then gets out easily and both the bikers thank the army personnel profusely for their help. They even have a little chat with them over various topics including their journey and the route ahead. They finally thank the Army guys again before moving on to the next leg of their journey.

Bajaj Pulsar RS200 gets STUCK in Ladakh: Indian Army man pushes it out [Video]

One of the major challenges when driving a vehicle on such high altitudes is the lower amount of oxygen which affects both man and machine. Lower oxygen results in the engine developing lower amount of power as the air-fuel mixture is not as rich as it should be. Also, bikes like the Bajaj Pulsar RS200 are not meant for such usage as they are more of a budget sports-oriented motorcycles. Bikes like the Royal Enfield Himalayan and the Hero X-Pulse are best suited for such rough terrain but then they say that a biker can go anywhere on any set of a two-wheeler.

Talking about the Bajaj Pulsar RS200, the bike is powered by a single-cylinder, 199.5cc engine that employs the triple-spark DTS-I technology. This engine puts out a decent maximum power of 24.2 Bhp at 9,750 rpm and a peak torque of 18.6 Nm at 8,000 rpm. The engine is mated to a 6-speed manual transmission. Bajaj claims that the Pulsar RS 200 can achieve top-speed of 141 km/h and it gets a redline of 11,000 rpm.