Bajaj Pulsar RS200 vs Hyundai i20: Who wins [Video]

Drag races have become quite a thing in India now with lots of people getting interested in it. A conventional drag race generally pits a bike against bike or a car against another car. However, cross platform drag racing is on rise too, which means pitting a car against a bike.

Normally, bikes possess a natural power to weight ratio advantage over cars but lose out on top grunt. Here is one video which shows two popular set of wheels doing a head to head drag race. Let’s see what is the outcome of this Pulsar RS200 vs Hyundai i20 Elite drag race.

As you have seen in the video now, the i20 turns out to be the winner of this drag competition. This may come as a surprise to many bikers who vouch for bikes to be supreme in such races. We ourselves have brought you many videos which show bikes getting an edge over their four wheeled counterparts in drag races. Let’s now take a look at the reasons for this outcome.

Bajaj Pulsar RS200 vs Hyundai i20: Who wins [Video]


  • We see the RS200 taking the lead since the start and maintaining it for quite some time. Halfway through the video, we see the i20 getting the edge and zooming past the bike. At this point the bike was doing 148-150 kmph speeds while the car was nearly touching 170. This goes a long way in showing that cars have a edge when it comes to top end grunt.
  • The track distance for the race was quite long. Had it been shorter, the Pulsar would have come on top for sure. The bike was quicker to attain its top speed and the car took a while to get there
  • The Pulsar RS200 is a good bike but a tad low on power for such long races. It is powered by a 199.5 cc engine producing 24.5 Bhp and 18.6 Nm of power and torque respectively. If there would have been a bike with 10 more horsepower on tap, we could have expected the bike to come out as the winner.


Now you see why the video resulted that way. This being said, a powerful bike like the KTM 390 Duke/RC 390 would definitely left the i20 into dusts.