Bajaj Pulsar RS200 vs KTM RC200 vs Bajaj Pulsar NS200 in a Drag Race – Who wins [Video]

It is fairly well known that the new-age Bajaj Pulsar motorcycles, namely the RS200, NS200, and the now defunct, AS200, have benefitted a lot from the company’s association with KTM. Actually, Bajaj has a 49% stake in the Austrian motorcycle manufacturer. No surprise, then, that the tech prowess of KTM has started benefitting Bajaj bikes, too. The NS200 became the first Bajaj product to benefit from this association. Today, we have both the NS200 and the RS200 outperforming many of their rivals with the high performance they deliver. However, how do these two pit against the KTM RC200? You can get your answers in the video we have below.

As you can see, the KTM RC200 enjoys a definite edge over the other two motorcycles. The first two races saw the RC200 enjoying a slight lead over the Pulsar RS200. The NS200 is the slowest of the lot. The third video shows the RS200 in the lead, with the RC200 more than a bike-length behind. While it’s tough to make out from the video, it seems like the RC200 rider had a miss-shift or two.

Maybe, this is why the RC200’s rider found it only apt to not ride till the end and slowed down in the middle of the race. Moving on, the video also shows a drag race between the two Pulsars. As expected, the NS200 is bit slower than its fully-faired sibling. As expected, the RC200 is the quickest of the lot. The RS200 gets the second spot. The NS200 finds itself in the third place.

Basically, this video goes on to show that these three are separated by only a slight difference in the performance. The RC200 is much costlier than the other two motorcycles. It’s also the most powerful one. Hence, a slight performance advantage is only obvious. The KTM RC200 enjoys a maximum power of 25.83 PS along with a peak torque of 19.2 Nm.

The Pulsar RS200, on the other hand, offers 24.5 PS-18.6 Nm. The NS200 is the least powerful with a max. power-torque of 23.5-18.3 Nm. That said, we need to mention here that the RC200 has been electronically limited to 135 KMPH. Hence, given a long stretch of road, the two Pulsars here just might manage to overtake the RC200. However, in terms of outright acceleration, the two Pulsars can’t outclass the pricier and more powerful KTM RC200.