Thieves On Bajaj Pulsar Steal Cargo From Truck in ‘Fast & Furious’ Style: Video Goes Viral

Thieves on truck

We have seen several action sequences and robbery scenes from various Fast and the Furious movies. In one part, we see how Vin Diesel and his team rob an oil tanker using modified pickup trucks. We now have come across a similar video from India where thieves actually steal cargo from a moving truck on a Bajaj Pulsar motorcycle. The video has gone viral on the internet.

The video shared here was posted by Raja Babu on his X profile. The exact location of the incident is not known. It is also unclear whether the video was recorded by the person who posted it. In this video, we see a fully loaded truck moving through the left lane of a highway.

The video was recorded from a car that was traveling along the same stretch. The person recording the video maintained a safe distance from the thieves on the bike. The truck was carrying cargo that was completely covered with a fabric cover. The entire cargo area was secured with ropes to ensure that the items didn’t fall while the vehicle was moving.

We see three men on a Bajaj Pulsar right behind the truck. The bike is ridden in such a manner that the truck driver cannot spot them in the ORVMs. Two men from the bike stand up on the seat, walk to the front, and stand on the fuel tank. They climb up to the top of the truck using the ropes that were used to secure the consignment.

Two men from the bike climbed up while the third person continued riding the bike right behind the truck. None of them are wearing any type of helmet or safety gear. Both men tear the fabric cover that was used to protect the cargo from dust and water in case of rain. They pick up one box and throw it down from the truck.

Thieves On Bajaj Pulsar Steal Cargo From Truck in ‘Fast & Furious’ Style: Video Goes Viral
Thieves on truck

We do not see what exactly was in the box, but it looks like the truck was carrying clothes or some other non-fragile items. While all this is happening, the truck driver is completely unaware as he was probably not expecting anything like this to happen while the truck was in motion.

Just as the box was thrown down, both men standing on the top slide down while holding the rope and get back on the bike. The video we see here is only 25 seconds long, and it seems the men took hardly a minute or less to pull off this act.

As the video went viral, many people posted comments under it. While some took this video in a humorous way, others raised concerns about the safety and security of people and goods on highways. In fact, the whole act was carried out in broad daylight.

Judging by the way the men were acting, it looked like they have been doing this for a very long time. Some commenters even mentioned that they feel the driver was also involved with the thieves. As of now, we have no clarity on the location or whether these culprits have been caught.