India’s first tractor tyred Bajaj Pulsar is absolute INSANITY

Modified automobiles are a whole market segment of their own in India. Even though it’s illegal, people don’t refrain from going all out with their imaginations. Here is a story of one such extraordinary modification. Yes, you read it right, this is about a Pulsar 220 with a front tractor tyre which has completely blown us away.

To execute, this wild idea of the owner, there were modifications made to the bike itself apart from just the tyre. A customized fork was made to fit a wider tyre in the front which was replaced by the stock tyre. As a result of this change, the suspension was also removed from the front along with the stock fork.

Even the tractor wheel was modified to fit the bike. A custom hub was put in the middle of the tractor tyre and thereafter was installed in the bike. This lead to the front tyre not getting any brakes. The exact size of the tractor tyre installed is unknown, however, it is the biggest tyre ever fitted on a Pulsar 220.

The video shows the bike performing well on public roads and the rider even tests its limit on broken roads. The bike seems to effortlessly go through all kinds of surfaces. The rider seems to be in good control of the motorcycle. It is still extremely dangerous and challenging to ride a bike with such a wide tyre.

The tyre can be easily removed as it is installed inside a socket. The brackets on which the tyre is installed seems to be welded, which would require a workshop job to be removed from the bike. The tractor tyre also has a few upsides. The ground clearance of the motorcycle has improved by quite a margin due to the elevation. To set things into perspective, the tyre has increased the ground clearance to a point where the main double stand is not reaching the ground and has therefore become completely useless.

Fat tyres on two-wheelers

Many people dream of installing fat tyres on their cars and two-wheelers as well, however they need to think it through depending on the use of their vehicle. The wide tyres extend better traction for the vehicle but regular city driving doesn’t require that extra traction. The grip or traction needed to make your automobile perform better can be done by the compound of the tyre. In case, more grip and traction is all you’re looking for, softer compound tyres is a much more practical route to take.

Fat tyres also impact the ride quality of the automobile. It makes the ride rougher as bigger tyres tend to be more sensitive towards surfaces and all the occupants or riders of the vehicle will feel the impact of the surface of the road. It also reduces the turning radius because of its massive size. The fat tyres also affect the fuel efficiency of the car by quite a margin. The wide tyres are heavier than the stock tyres and hence the standard engine provided is not efficient to run anything bigger than the stock tyres. Heavier tyres lead to more energy and therefore more fuel.

The tractor tyre installed in this Pulsar 220 can create an imbalance on lower speeds, which can be quite difficult to handle. The steering also becomes much heavier as the steering is mated with the stock tyres offered by the automobile. In our opinion, it definitely not a wise choice to modify your vehicle by replacing stock tyres with wider tyres as it will create more issues than solving the purpose of owning an automobile.

Shantonil Nag

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