Bajaj Pulsar with heated grips: Easy modification that works on all motorcycles [Video]

Winters are here and so are the regular problems faced by bikers this season. While riding gloves, jackets and boots do provide some protection against cold winds, they are not very effective if you are living in a region where minimum temperature drops to less than 5 degree Celsius.

For such regions, a heated grip will be ideal. Here’s a video, courtesy Jhampa66, which shows a heating grip accessory. It can be easily installed on any motorcycle and will provide the much needed warmth to your hands while riding in cold.

Many high end cruiser/tourer motorcycles get a feature of heated grips factory fitted. However, this can even be installed on any bike you own and under your budget. Talking about the video, it shows the heated grips being installed on a Bajaj Pulsar NS200. The package containing the heated grips comes with many other contents to be used as whole. This includes two Heated Grip Pads (With Connection Wires), one temperature Position Switch, one Heat Resistant Tape and two Heat Resistant grip covers. Now, let’s move on to the installation procedure, which in fact isn’t as tedious as it seems to be

All the wiring work has been already done by the company and one just has to attach the negative and positive ends to the bike. The control switch is firstly placed near the switch gear. This switch controls the functioning of the heating panel and come with 3 modes. These modes are warm (45 degree) off and extra warm (65 degree). The heated grip pad is then wrapped around the handle grips and the grips are cleaned before the placement. It is rolled and then placed around with the help of the heat resistant tape provided in the package.

Bajaj Pulsar with heated grips: Easy modification that works on all motorcycles [Video]

The heating panel is then covered with the provided grip covers. After making the right wire connections, the whole setup becomes ready to use and starts producing heat. These heating grips are very useful if you are planning to go on a long ride this winter season. Not only it heats your hand and provide comfort, it also enables one to ride longer. Also, extreme cold can often result into less effective control over switch gear and other levers as hands become too cold. With these grips, this issue is also taken care of.

Other options like heated seats among other are also available in the market but they are too expensive and also are not very practical. Unless you are a regular long distance rider, heated seats will not provide you with any instant benefit. However, heated grips are a good option and the best part is that they come at very affordable prices. Installation and usage is also quite easy, making them an excellent accessory to get for your bike.