Bajaj Pulsar-Honda Fireblade to Yamaha SZ-Ducati Panigale: 10 regular motorcycles to INSANE replica superbikes

Bajaj Pulsar-Honda Fireblade to Yamaha SZ-Ducati Panigale: 10 regular motorcycles to INSANE replica superbikes

Motorcycles are a way of life for many. This is the reason many people modify them to personalize the bike as per their taste and preference. Various garages and tuning houses in India have some quite brilliant examples of modified bikes. Many people who do not have enough budget resources in their hands to get a high end motorcycle often take the other way to realize their dream.

They modify their ride into a replica of the bike they love, and some of them do so quite tastefully. Here are ten such replica motorcycles from India and around the world.

Yamaha SZ-R – Ducati Panigale

This modification was done in the Philippines and is based on the 150cc commuter motorcycle, Yamaha SZ-R. All the body parts of the bike have been upgraded, including the front fairing, tank and seat cowl. The modification also involves upgrading both the brakes to petal discs, which make it look even more realistic. The Yamaha SZ-R is a budget, 150cc motorcycle that goes against the Bajaj Pulsar 150. The Yamaha SZ-R costs Rs. 67,000. ex-showroom Delhi.

The Panigale 1099 based replica has one shortcoming, though. The skinny tyre on the replica gives away the fact that it is a replica. Apart from that, the underbelly exhaust with the exposed exhaust system and Ducati painted crankcase of the motorcycle make it a perfect replica. The total spends to get this replica look is about Rs. 52,000. A steal considering how expensive a Ducati is.


KTM has a pretty strong holding in India’s affordable motorcycle segment, with the likes of the Duke and RC range of motorcycles. The Austrian company offers exotic motorcycles in the premium segment like the well-known RC8. Indian custom motorcycle maker, Autologue has transformed a KTM RC 390 into an exotic looking RC8 inspired motorcycle that they call the RCX.

The motorcycle gets extremely well detailed features like vertically stacked projector lamps that have been sourced from the KTM RC390. The body panels have been fabricated from fibre glass and then mounted on the original mounts of the KTM RC390. To give it more juice, the engine gets ECU from Race Dynamics and a BMC air filter. The total cost of the body panels is Rs. 50,000, except the stickers.

Yamaha R15 – Yamaha R6

The Yamaha R series motorcycles are one of the most sought-after motorcycles around the world. Even though the Yamaha R15 is the cheapest bike of the R-series available in the Indian subcontinent, the motorcycle does not get the same flair as the elder siblings, especially like the R6.

Here is an example of a Yamaha R15 transformed into an R6 in Vietnam. The Yamaha R15 gets the front fairing similar to the R6 with the same front fascia. The tank is kept stock, but the fairing sits perfectly on it, making it look like a flawless modification job.

Bajaj Pulsar 220 – Honda CBR Fireblade

Bajaj Pulsar 220 is a good looking motorcycle. The semi-fairing of the bike with projector lamps can make heads turn quickly. This particular example gets inspired from the CBR 1000R Fireblade body work. The semi-faired Bajaj Pulsar 220 gets full body fairing that has been painted with the Honda Racing colours.

The chassis has been swapped with a delta box frame with the rear tail coming from the Suzuki GSX 600. The upside down forks come from the Yamaha R6, and the rear swing arm comes from the Honda RVF 400 with mono shock coming from the Ninja 250. The front brakes come from the Kawasaki ER6N. The only stock equipment that stays is the front and rear taillamps of the Bajaj Pulsar 220.


Bajaj Pulsar 200NS – Kawasaki Z1000

Bajaj Pulsar Ns 200 To Kawasaki Z1000

Bajaj Pulsar 200NS is a good looking naked motorcycle. Even though the bike gets to show off some naked styling, the motorcycle is nowhere near the Z1000 when it comes to styling. The last modification job replicates the looks of the Kawasaki’s flagship naked bike with minute detailing.

The headlamp housing has been swapped with Z1000’s inspired custom housing. The Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS looks muscular with bulged body panels, the motorcycle receives custom paint job to highlight the bulges even more. The handlebar has also been upgraded. The Pulsar 200 NS alloy wheels are stock but the tyres have been upgraded to a bulkier profile.

TVS Apache – Suzuki GSX-R1000

The TVS Apache is an accomplished motorcycle. The Apache also looks decent on the road, but as of now, TVS does not offer any full-fairing with the bike. This TVS Apache owner from Indonesia has given it a Suzuki’s litre-class flagship look.

The front of the TVS Apache has been swapped with that of Suzuki’s GSX-R series. The raunchy looking fairing of the motorcycle also gets green highlights on it. The rear seat gives away to a cowl while the exhaust has been upgraded to a custom one. The tank, tyres and alloy wheels stay stock.

Bajaj Pulsar 150 – Suzuki Hayabusa

The Suzuki Hayabusa is a perfect poster bike in India. The motorcycle gained popularity, especially after a Bollywood flick with the bike. There have been many examples of the Hayabusa replicas in India, but this particular one has been done while keeping close to the original design of the bike. The donor bike is a Bajaj Pulsar 150.


The Bajaj Pulsar 150 gets a Hayabusa-inspired full body fairing and rear seat cowl. The famous golden-black dual paint fairing also catches a lot of eyes. The dual exhaust has also been replicated in an immaculate manner. The stock console of the Bajaj Pulsar 150 has been replaced with the multi-dial console from the Karizma.

Yamaha R15 – R1

Yamaha’s smallest R-Series bike in India, the R15, has been converted to Yamaha’s flagship model by a modder in Kerala. This is one fine example of the replica motorcycle in India. The Yamaha R15 has been carefully modded with the minute details of the engine casing bolts, rear swing arm, handlebar, and alloy wheels.

The modified Yamaha R15 also receives an almost exact copy of the front fairing. The exhaust system has been reconfigured, and now the dual exhaust tip sits under the seat cowl, like the Yamaha R15. The motorcycle also gets projector headlamps and a Yamaha windshield at the front. The job costs around Rs. 1.5 lakh.

Royal Enfield AVL – Ghost Rider

One of the most popular motorcycle customizers in India, Vardenchi, created a beautiful replica of the motorcycle from the Ghost Rider movie. The modder used customised headlamps, body panels and a lot of chrome to recreate the motorcycle for the movie’s Indian promotion. Vardenchi also created other movie motorcycle replicas, like Tron, later.

TVS Apache – Suzuki GSX-R

Here is another fine example of a TVS Apache transformed into a GSX-R. The TVS Apache has received a full body fairing, mono shock on the rear and a customised exhaust. The TVS Apache has also received red highlights making it look aggressive. There is also dual disc brakes at the front, making it look even more brutal.


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