Bajaj RS200 vs Hyundai Elite i20 Diesel in a drag race: Who wins [Video]

In the past we have featured many stories about drag races between bikes and races between cars. Some articles also featured drag races between bikes and cars also. It is a known fact that compared to cars, bikes are quicker off the line and leave the car behind. Main reason behind this is the weight of the vehicle. The bikes are lighter than the cars and they get advantage of this at the time of acceleration. Here we have a similar drag between Bajaj Pulsar RS200 and a Hyundai Elite i20 diesel. Did bike win the race or was it left behind?, let’s have a look at the video to know what happened.

The video has been uploaded by Max 101 on their youtube channel. The video shows a Bajaj Pulsar RS200 and Hyundai Elite i20 diesel on an empty stretch of road. The drag race is conducted in two rounds. In First round, The Pulsar RS200 takes off as soon as the race starts and leaves i20 behind. The Pulsar takes the lead and maintain the gap for some time. It was looking like as if the Pulsar was going to win this race. Then after 120 Kmph mark, the i20 starts gaining and the gap starts to reduce and within seconds the Elite i20 overtakes the Pulsar and wins the first round.

Second round the same thing repeats. Pulsar takes the lead and the i20 chases it down and wins the race. How did it happen? why didn’t the Pulsar win this race even after being lighter than the i20?. well, the answer to that is the stretch they chose for the race was a bit longer. It was long enough for the i20 to show it’s true colours. The Elite i20 is a lot more powerful than the Bajaj Pulsar RS200. The stretch gave the car ample time to utilise it’s power and win the race. If the stretch had been a bit shorter, the results would have been different. Then Pulsar would have won the race.

Bajaj RS200 vs Hyundai Elite i20 Diesel in a drag race: Who wins [Video]

The Bajaj Pulsar RS200 is powered by a 199.5-cc, single-cylinder, liquid cooled, fuel injected engine producing a maximum of 24.5 Bhp and 18.6 Nm of torque whereas the diesel i20 gets a 1.4L, 4-cylinder engine producing 88.7 Bhp and 220 Nm of peak torque. While the Pulsar RS 200 is sold in India as an entry level high performance motorcycle, the i20 Elite is sold as a family hatchback.