Bajaj-Triumph’s 1st motorcycle for India to be a 500-cc single: Royal Enfield challenger!

Bajaj and Triumph are jointly developing a new premium bike that will be launched in India, in 2020. Here are new details about this motorcycle, which will be built in India, and sold here as well as in international markets. A report in the EconomicTimes hints that the Bajaj-Triumph bike will have a single-cylinder engine displacing around 500 cc.

This engine capacity will make the bike a direct challenger to many Royal Enfields sold in India. Royal Enfield sells a range of 500-cc bikes under the Classic and Bullet brands. However, it is unclear as to whether the bike will be a retro-styled model or a sportsbike.

Here is a statement from Mr. Paul Stroud, the chief commercial officer at Triumph Motorcycles,

“It (the Triumph-Bajaj partnership) allows you to hit the market quicker. You are sharing investment, you are sharing knowledge, you are both bringing major strengths to the partnership. It is by leveraging strength of both the partners that you become a powerful force. If you come out with those things together, it is a very compelling proposition. We are certainly very excited about it and so is Bajaj.”

Bajaj will source parts for this bike from its Indian suppliers, and will also manufacture it at the Chakan factory using its low-cost bike-building expertise. Bajaj will also distribute this Triumph-branded bike in India. In international markets, Triumph is expected to handle distribution. The design and engineering technology to develop this bike is expected to come from Triumph.

This partnership will be similar to what Bajaj has with KTM. However, Bajaj will not take any stake in Triumph. This arrangement is likely to be very profitable for both Bajaj and Triumph as the cost of manufacturing a high quality motorcycle in India is much lesser than in developed countries. Together, Bajaj and Triumph plan to take the fight to Royal Enfield in the mid-segment (250cc-750cc) motorcycle category, which is growing fast around the world.