Bajaj Auto to re-enter scooter segment with Urbanite electric scooter brand

Rajiv Bajaj had earlier revealed that the next line of scooters they will manufacture will be electric scooters and not conventional gasoline powered ones. This will be done under the brand name of Urbanite, a marque that the company has been working on since long. While the last bit of information we told you was in public domain since long.

However, he has revealed further about the future plans of his company during the recent unveiling of the brand’s new identity, ‘The World’s Favourite Indian‘.

Bajaj Auto to re-enter scooter segment with Urbanite electric scooter brand

Rajiv Bajaj talked about Urbanite and said that it is coming soon. In his own words:

Most of you are here with the expectation that electric scooter is going to appear on stage. I am sorry to disappoint you that’s not going to happen today! But it will happen soon…

The company has been working on it since some time and many important decisions have been taken for the same till now. A separate business unit dedicated to the electric vehicle division called as UBU (Urbanite Business Unit) has been created. It is in addition to the existing MBU (Motorcycle Business Unit), IBU (intra-city business unit), EBU (export business unit) and PBU (Probiking Business Unit) divisions.

During one of his older conversations, Mr. Bajaj said that they are working very strongly on electric two-wheelers and the focus is more on the aesthetics of the product. In his own words, :

People are not buying Tesla because of its batteries, they buy because it is beautiful. So our way to approach electric mobility is not to make a battery on two-wheels (but) it is to make the most beautiful two-wheeler in the world.

During one of his more recent interviews with Forbes, he touched upon the subject of Tesla again. According to Rajiv Bajaj,:

When we develop an electric two-wheeler, whether bikes or scooters or mopeds or bicycles, it will be a Tesla-like business. This brand will be purely electric. The best solution is when the brand itself is electric. Toyota is not an electric brand. it’s a petrol, diesel brand also making electric vehicles. But with Tesla, it’s not the case. you would be aghast if tomorrow Tesla launches a petrol Tesla.

Electric scooters have been around in India since long but have not gained popularity as of yet. The initial state of electric scooter journey began with the likes of Hero Yo-Bike along with many other players. However, the recent launch of the Ather electric scooter brand has brought some serious attention in the segment.

Recently, Mahindra’s GenZe electric scooter was also caught testing in India and we expect a launch in the coming time. With the government already pushing for electric vehicles, many other players will also jump into the electric bandwagon. Bajaj too is planning to same with the Urbanite’s e-scooter, before this electric thing gets popular among public