Bajaj Urbanite scooter spied testing in India before launch

Urbanite 1

Bajaj will soon re-enter the scooter segment in India. For the first time, the Bajaj Urbanite scooter has been caught testing on the Indian roads. The test scooters spotted on the roads. The all-new scooters will all-electric range. The new electric scooter range from the brand will be known as the Urbanite.

Bajaj Urbanite scooter spied testing in India before launch

The upcoming Bajaj Urbanite spied by T-BHP testing on the roads are under heavy camouflage and the design of the scooter is not visible clearly. However, a few design lines are visible on the scooter. The spy images of the Bajaj Urbanite reveals the twin tail lamps of the upcoming scooter. The lamps are positioned in slanting position and look very good on the scooter. The design of the tail lamps is similar to the earlier leaked image of the Bajaj Urbanite.

The scooter gets a foldable rear footrest that can be seen in the pictures too. The scooter was spotted with the alloy wheels and it gets a single-side suspension in the rear. Other pictures revealed in the earlier leaked images show the design of the scooter. It gets classic design lines similar to the Vespa range of scooter. It will be the first scooter with classic design and electric powertrain. The Urbanite also gets long oval shaped indicators on the front cowl of the scooter.

The instrument cluster of the upcoming scooters looks circular in shape and it may get an all LCD panel. Just like all the new-age vehicles, Bajaj may also incorporate a few connectivity features to smartphones through Bluetooth. Also, we may get to see a cloud-connected instrument cluster like the Ather scooters. Since the details of the upcoming scooters are not known at all, we have to assume the details. The scooter has curved design lines on the side panels with elongated turn indicators. The tail lamp of the scooter gets a U-Shape.

The launch of the Bajaj Urbanite is expected to happen by the festive season this year. Bajaj has always been a known name in the world of two-wheelers. Bajaj used to offer various scooters in the Indian market including a few iconic names like the Chetak, Priya and Super. Bajaj also launched automatic Bajaj Kristal but due to stiff competition in the market, it did not become very successful.

Bajaj Urbanite scooter spied testing in India before launch

It should be noted that electric vehicles will soon become popular in the Indian market. In fact, to push on the sales and adoption of electric vehicles in India, the government has signalled that after 2025, only electric scooters may remain on sale in India. In the future, electric vehicles are expected to become much more popular than the present scenario. A lot of car manufacturers are also expected to launch a range of all-electric vehicles in the Indian market in the near future.