Cops start FINING people whose vehicles’ tyres have run more than 30,000 Kms!

The Government of India passed the amended Motor Vehicle Act some time back and it was implemented last month. The amendments made to the act mainly constitute higher fines among other things which has been done in a bid to promote road discipline in India. However, due to a near tenfold increase in fines, there have been various cases across the country which made headlines for very high challans. Now, a report by Banglore Mirror says that cops can also issue a challan to any vehicle that is running on bald tires. The official guidelines suggest that tires which have run for more than 30,000 km can be deemed to be unsafe and hence can be fined too.

Cops start FINING people whose vehicles’ tyres have run more than 30,000 Kms!
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Speaking on the same, a traffic police personnel says:

“Under the IMV Act, it has been defined that tyres should be changed after running for 30,000 km or else they are prone to accidents as the grip loosens. So fine is imposed on those with bald tyres as these could cause accidents.”

What this means is that those cars which are running on smoothened out tires can be fined by the police too. Also, this is probably an older rule and has not been introduced in the recent amendment of the Motor Vehicle Act. On a lighter note, the fine amount for bald tyres is just Rs 100 which is not much. The traffic police in Banglore has even fined one person on for having old tires on his vehicle. The same report also says that those offenders can be fined too who often get into arguments and do not acknowledge their offences. For such people, the traffic police is slapping penalty for ‘misbehaviour with a police officer’. In fact, the Banglore traffic police have already booked 19 cases for misbehaviour with police officers. The fine, however, is only Rs 100 each. Commenting on the same, a traffic police officer said:

“When we fine people they often argue and they do not want to pay fines. They try to get away. At times, it also results in a fight so fining offenders for misbehaviour will bring discipline and offenders would refrain from attacking or abusing traffic officials on being fined,”

While a few may see this fine regarding bald tires as another irrelevant fine, driving with improper tires attracts heavy fine in several international countries. Basically, tires are the sole point of contact a vehicle has with the ground and hence it is necessary for them to be in good condition. A car with worn-out tires is pretty dangerous too as the amount of grip offered by the rubber is reduced with time. This is because the treads start to fade and the rubber area with the best grip also wears off, leading to a loss in traction.

Therefore, no matter how advanced a vehicle is or how powerful its engine is, worn-out tires are a sure-shot way of getting involved in an accident. Therefore, make sure to change the tires as soon as it starts showing its age. Regarding the law, the only question which remains unanswered is what is the basis of implementation of this law and how will cops decide that they are more than 30,000 km run or not. For now, best is to replace the tires as soon as they start showing serious ageing features. Worn out tires also pose the risk of bursting suddenly during high-speed runs and that can easily cause a serious accident.