Potholes and speed breakers are certainly a nuisance and potential threats to lives of road users. While the latter is present to regulate speeds, more often than not, they are made by locals and not keeping any specific dimensions in mind. A total of 11,398 lives were reported to be lost due to potholes last year, and sadly, two recent unfortunate incident adds to the list.


A young couple in Bangalore fell prey to a pothole on  Devarabeesanahalli flyover, lost control of their Honda Activa while trying to decelerate/swerve (not clear yet), on Thursday night. While the rider, Om Prakash Tripathi, endured a fracture and bruises, his wife Stuthi Pandit Tripathi suffered brain haemorrhage and died in hospital.

Bangalore Police have booked the husband,  blamed him for driver negligence, but according to Bangalore Mirror, didn’t find Om Prakash to be under the influence of alcohol. Presence of tyre marks on the 25 year old victim means she could have been run over by another vehicle as well, as told to Deccan Herald by a friend of the couple. There’s CCTV recording too but the police is yet to investigate that, reports DNA.

In an unrelated (and earlier) mishap, two engineers, coming from Nandi Hills hit a speed breaker at high speed near Raani Circle, reports The Hindu. Both were reported to be under the influence of alcohol. And while the Himanushu Soni, the rider, was wearing a helmet (which saved his life), the pillion, Dileep Singh, was not and lost his life.

Presence of alcohol might have certainly affected the rider’s ability in the second case, but the former is a clear wake up call for the authorities. And it’s such a shame that while potholes can be filled, the voids made by the ones who have lost their lives can’t be!


  1. The situation with potholes in Bangalore is worsening day by day, and the authorities, instead of working on improving the situation are trying to worsen it, by forcing us to use the same roads.
    For example, in Belandur flyover, there was a route on the right side of the flyover in order to take a right. However, the authorities, have shut down the perfectly tarred road and that has forced all people to take the service road on the left.
    The left side service road’s condition is real bad as the center of the road has lost mud from underneath and become a big depression. Hence the cars are forced to drive on the two corners of the depression. The heavier vehicles are forced to drive though the depression, which is quite deep and in a weird angle.
    I have often seen two wheelers almost falling due to the depression in the ground when they try to go near it. As its a very big slope towards the depression, the two wheelers tend to lose balance.
    In-spite of all this, the authorities continue to block the perfectly tarred main lower road and force everyone to use the service road instead.
    This clearly shows the apathy of the authorities towards the issues faced by the road users.
    Also, booking the husband for this accident is totally wrong.
    He may have made a mistake of driving without a helmet, but the pothole was the fault of the civic authorities and the should be held responsible for it.

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