Bangalore cop sees helmet-less rider, hits him with his ‘chappal’ [Video]

Most of you must be aware of some of our latest reports, wherein we have talked about the increased focus of our traffic cops on ensuring that all two-wheeler riders wear helmets. There have been some cases of the traffic police trolling lidless riders on social media and even a few cases where the cops decided to teach helmet-less riders a lesson by thrashing them using a baton. This case, however, takes the cake as a traffic cop in Bangalore got so irritated by some helmet-less riders on a motorcycle that he ended up expressing his agitation by throwing his ‘chappal’ at them!

Actually, the video you see above is a much smaller version of the original clip by vlogger Rishabh Chatterjee. The video has been taken by the dash-cam of his VW Polo. The vlogger was driving on the (surprisingly) vacant streets of Bangalore when his camera ended up capturing this moment at an intersection. Like we said, traffic cops across the country have been trying hard to ensure two-wheeler riders use an ISI-approved helmet. Not only are they issuing challans to the lidless riders but are also trying to educate riders about the benefits of using a good-quality helmet through social media, television and other channels. However, it looks like it will take some time before every two-wheeler user really starts adhering to the rules and regulations.

Helmet-less riding is a pretty common practice across the country and should be stopped at the earliest. It is really very sad to see some two-wheeler users not taking their own safety seriously. Official figures from 2016 show that over 50,000 two-wheeler users lost their lives in road accidents. Out of these, a large number of deaths were of riders who weren’t wearing a helmet at the time of the accident. We request every two-wheeler rider to start using an ISI-approved helmet for his/her own benefit. We are not sure if the lidless riders seen in the video were challaned after being hit by the ‘chappal’. However, it’s clear that cops across the country are getting increasingly irritated by these offenders and are stepping up the heat on them. By the way, here’s the full version of the video –

Video Courtesy – The Rider Tribe on Facebook; Original Video – Rishabh Chatterjee on Youtube