Bangalore floods: Multi-crore Bentley, Lexus, Audi & other luxury cars submerged [Video]

India’s silicon valley – Bengaluru remains flooded following heavy rains. The city is suffering from submerged roads and the floods have crippled the city. While the employees including the CFO and CEO of the companies are using tractors and various other means to reach their work, there are many others who are getting rescued by the tractors. Here is one such tractor carrying a family to rescue them out of the posh colony. On the way out, we can see a number of high-end luxury cars submerged in water.

The video taken from the tractor shows a Lexus NX SUV and a Lexus sedan, Bentley Bentayga, Audi Q5 and even Land Rover Range Rover submerged in the water. These cars are parked in the homes of the residents. There are many other cars like the VW Polo and Honda Civic, which drowned due to the flood.

This is the first time that we are getting to see such visuals from Bangalore. We have seen similar pictures from Mumbai, and Maharashtra in the past. However, this is the first time that a flood has caused such devastation in Bangalore. Most of the city remains under the water.

Water wading in flood

Bangalore floods: Multi-crore Bentley, Lexus, Audi & other luxury cars submerged [Video]

One should be extremely cautious with water wading and should avoid it at any cost. Water reaching the internal circuit can even cause the ECU to blow, which is a major expense. Also, wading through water at a high speed like this video shows can cause the water to reach the air intake of the car.

If a large amount of water reaches the piston and it cannot be compressed by the engine, it will stop working at all. It is called a hydrostatic lock and requires a large amount of sum to open and clean the engine thoroughly.

Many modern vehicles have sensors to protect the engine against water and if the sensor detects water in the air intake, it will hydrostatic lock the vehicle and will not allow the engine to work until the system is checked by the authorised dealerships and the lock is removed. It again can cost a lot of money since the whole air intake system will be checked and cleaned.

Avoid flooded roads

Bangalore floods: Multi-crore Bentley, Lexus, Audi & other luxury cars submerged [Video]

It is always best to wait for the water to clear out before heading on the flooded roads. Thanks to google maps and the dependability that we millennials have on that app, it’s easier to navigate through multiple routes leading to the same direction or destination. Even if it’s a longer route, it is always wise to take a route that is least likely to be affected by rainfall. Sometimes, all you do is use the method of hit and trial even if that is worth it compared to putting your car into unnecessary damage and a lot of trouble and financial hit to you.

Do not crank the vehicle

If your vehicle stops in the middle of a flooded road, do not panic. It is a common problem faced by cars on extreme waterlogged roads and the driver drives through it at a high speed. The water enters the air intake and the engine shuts off, bringing the car to a complete halt. Almost as a reflex, if our car stops working in the middle of the road, we start the car. We need to control this and under no conditions should start our car or even try.

The combustion stops as soon as the water is detected in the engine and cranking could only lead to damaging the engine further. This incident of hydro locking should only be looked at and fixed by professionals and the car should only be moved away with the help of an external vehicle such as a crane or a tow truck.

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