Bangalore police to release 10,000 seized vehicles after running out of parking space

Bangalore Police has seized thousands of vehicles for violation lockdown this year. On the first day of the lockdown, the police seized more than 2,000 vehicles for breaking lockdown. Now the cops are running out of space to park the vehicles to make more space, they will release more than 10,000 vehicles that were seized in the last 10 days.

Bangalore police to release 10,000 seized vehicles after running out of parking space

With the decision of the authorities to seize the vehicles that break the lockdown protocols, there are thousands of vehicles lying around in the Bangalore police stations. The police have taken the decision to release the vehicles after imposing a penalty and issuing a warning to not repeat the mistakes again.

Since the start of the lockdown about 10 days ago, Bangalore Police has amassed 10,000 vehicles including the three vehicles. Many of these vehicles are booked under the National Disaster Management Act (NDMA). The police will continue to seize the vehicles for breaking lockdown protocols.

Last year, the city police seized more than 50,000 vehicles during the national lockdown in March and April. The vehicles were released in May after the High Court directions. The court ordered a fine of Rs 500 for the two-wheelers and Rs 1,000 for the four-wheelers. A similar penalty will be imposed on the violators this year as well.

Bangalore police to release 10,000 seized vehicles after running out of parking space

In some police stations of the city, numerous vehicles are parked right on the roads too, which block the movement of vehicles. Many senior officials from the police stations have confirmed to Bangalore Mirror about the development and how they are planning to release the seized vehicles after the owners pay a fine. Some police stations are demanding an undertaking that violators will not break the lockdown protocols again.

1,000 vehicles getting seized every day

The police are quite strict when it comes to lockdown violations. After the first day when the cops seized about 2,100 vehicles, the force is seizing around 1,000 vehicles every single day. The police are also acting very strict against the three-wheeler autorickshaws plying on the roads. The cops seize about 100 auto rickshaws every single day.

People have started moving out of their homes in recent times. According to Kamal Pant, City Police commissioner, said in a tweet: “The police personnel are instructed to take action legally, including booking cases and seizing vehicles of those who violate the lockdown guidelines and wilful defaulters. Please cooperate with the police in implementing the lockdown guidelines”.

Cops trying out different ways

To ensure that the citizens understand the lockdown and how important it is to bring down the COVID-19 infections, the city police have made the people take the pledge. The police use a loudspeaker to direct everyone to take the pledge. This happened after the police seized all the vehicles that were out on the road during the curfew hours.

While we are not sure if the cops also issued a challan on the spot, all the seized vehicles are likely to be returned after the second wave settles down in a few weeks time. Last year, during a similar situation, the cops seized thousands of vehicles and then returned them after verifying the documents of the vehicles.