Bangalore police SEIZE Honda Activa & Dio scooters for ‘Wheelies’; Stunters ARRESTED

Stunting on a public road is illegal, and the cops in Bangalore are coming down heavily on young stunters in the city. Nearly a dozen automatic scooters, including the Honda Activa and the Honda Dio, were recently seized by the cops in Bangalore. The riders were also arrested for multiple offences including dangerous driving/riding, riding without helmet, etc. While most stunters have been temporarily let off on station bail, they will be produced in front of a court shortly.

Wheelie Stunters Busted 1

Most of the young stunters were also found riding without valid driving licenses, giving rise to the suspicion that many of the youngsters are not even 18 years of age. If found to be under 18, cops plan to initiate action against the owners of the Honda Activa and Dio scooters, which in most cases are the parents of the stunters. Allowing a minor to ride/drive a vehicle on public roads is a punishable offence, and if found guilty, the parents of underage stunters will also have to face legal action.

Stunting on public roads by young riders has become quite commonplace in most big cities of India, and often the stunters in question do not take adequate precautions while engaging in what is essentially a dangerous act that could kill and maim. Recently, even the cops in Mumbai cracked down on many such stunters for riding dangerously and stunting on arterial roads mainly during nights when traffic is relatively thin. A lot can go wrong during such stunts.

Wheelie Stunters Busted 2

For starters, a failed stunt can cause the rider and pillion of the two-wheeler to lose balance and fall off. Riders not wearing safety equipment are very susceptible to grievous injuries, and even death, in many cases, during failed stunts. Other road users are also at a very high risk as failed stunts could result in the two-wheeler used for such stunts colliding against other vehicles. Then there’s the issue of vehicles getting badly damaged due to stunting.

Two-wheelers such as the Honda Activa and the Dio, or for that matter other motorcycles/scooters, are not designed for stunting. They’re built mainly for commuting in the city. Stunts take a heavy toll on the suspension, chassis, engines, gearboxes and virtually every part of the two-wheeler. The vehicle simply falls apart. In fact, motorcycles and scooters used for stunting require expensive rebuilds in a just few thousand kilometers. On the other hand, a similar two-wheeler not used for stunting can easily last one lakh kilometers.

Wheelie Stunters Busted 3

Via BangaloreMirror and BTP