Bangalore to Ladakh on a Suzuki Hayabusa superbike? Vlogger shows how it’s done

Ladakh is a place that almost every motorcycle rider in the country has on his bucket list. Lately we have been seeing several videos online where people are travelling to Ladakh on motorcycles, cars and even on cycles. Post the second waves, state borders have now opened up and the flow of motorists to this place has started to increase once again. Many of them travel in group while some prefer solo rides. Here we have a video where a vlogger is riding to Ladakh on his Suzuki Hayabusa superbike from Bangalore.

The video has been shared by RB MotoVlogs on his YouTube channel. This is not the first time a rider has taken a Suzuki Hayabusa to Ladakh but, it is probably the first Hayabusa from South India to reach Ladakh by road. The roads are extremely tough on the mountains and riding a superbike in such conditions is a task in itself.

When the video starts, vlogger along with other in the group stop on the side of a road. They meet couple of other riders at this spot and then they continue their journey. The vlogger was riding in a group and one of the most important thing that one needs while riding in group is discipline and communication.

The group had a backup SUV with them in which they have kept all their luggage. The group started the trip and suddenly the weather changed. It started raining. After riding for some time, the tarmac disappeared and they were now riding on loose sand and rocks. The vlogger can be heard saying that the rear wheels were going out of control on sand and even the rocks are very slippery.

He is not giving too much throttle as the chances of loosing traction were high. After riding on such conditions for a long time, the group reaches a water crossing. Hayabusa rider was worried as the other riders in the group had adventure tourer and cruiser motorcycles while his was the only superbike. Hayabusa’s tyres were also not helping him on this terrain as it is not meant to be ridden on such surfaces.

Bangalore to Ladakh on a Suzuki Hayabusa superbike? Vlogger shows how it’s done

After couple of riders had crossed the section, the Hayabusa rider starts crossing the water section. There are lot of rocks on the way and the heavy Hayabusa and the rider can be seen struggling to cross it. At one point, the rear wheels got stuck and the rider lost control on the bike and fell. The members of the group came and helped him pick the motorcycle.

Once the bike was picked up, the members guided him to not stop and slowly accelerate through the surface. The wheel was slipping over the rocks but, the rider managed to clear the section. Later in the video, he can be seeing tackling rough roads and water crossing in a better way and the video ends when the group reaches their halt for the night. The communication between the riders was good as they were helping vlogger get the motorcycle out from several rough condition without any problem. Vloggers appreciates the efforts of the team in this video.