Bangalore Traffic Police SEIZE & destroy aftermarket Royal Enfield silencers, yet again!

The Bangalore Traffic Police have recommenced a drive that seeks to seize and destroy aftermarket exhausts fitted mainly on the Royal Enfield motorcycles. The latest drive against ‘loud aftermarket exhausts’ saw the traffic police officials target not just Royal Enfields but also other motorcycles.

A Hero MotoCorp Karizma was one such motorcycle fitted with an aftermarket exhaust. What this also means is that the drive will now extend to all the motorcycles fitted with aftermarket/loud exhausts. So, if you do own a motorcycle fitted with an aftermarket exhaust and that makes enough noise to get noticed by the cops in Bangalore, you had better be careful.

What does the law say?

According to sections of the Motor Vehicle Act, any aftermarket addition to a vehicle plying on Indian roads is illegal if not expressly endorsed on the Registration Certificate (RC) of the vehicle by a Regional Transport Office (RTO). Aftermarket exhausts are also included in the list of illegal modifications. Hefty fines, motorcycle seizures and even arrests of repeat offenders are something that have been seen over the past year or so. Traffic police departments across India have been cracking down on aftermarket exhausts, fitted mainly on Royal Enfield motorcycles. Such drives will only intensify as more motorcycle owners choose loud aftermarket exhausts.

But are aftermarket silencer makers getting away?

Notably, most aftermarket exhaust makers clearly specify that the exhausts they sell are not meant for on-road use. Even Royal Enfield sells an aftermarket exhaust through its dealerships, but clearly specifies that the exhaust is meant for use only off the road. In fact, Royal Enfield has even named the exhaust as an ‘off road silencer’. This absolves the makers of aftermarket exhausts from any criminal liability. After market exhausts can be used on private roads and off the road, as the Motor Vehicle Act does not apply to vehicles plying on private roads and off the road.


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