Batman V Superman’s Batmobile replica up close on video

Batman’s Batmobile is one of the most iconic vehicles in the movie industry. Every time there is a new  Batman movie, a new Batmobile has to be made from scratch and it also has to suit the personality of that Batman. Here, we have a Batmobile replica from the movie Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice on video.

The video is uploaded on YouTube by Supercar Blondie. The Batmobile belongs to a collector, who paid someone to make him a replica. Only one of this replica exists in the whole world. The video starts by the Batmobile arriving on a truck bed. The driver starts the engine can immediately and we can hear the loud gargles from the exhaust.

The body is made up of fibre glass and carbon fibre to reduce the weight. The engine has been placed at the rear of the vehicle. It is a supercharged engine derived from the Ford F-350 Raptor. The engine produces more than 700 horsepower.

Batman V Superman’s Batmobile replica up close on video

But then this Batmobile does need all that power because a single rear wheel weighs around 500 kgs. So, at the rear only there is 1000 kgs worth of tyres. The doors on this Batmobile open just like the original one. So, they open upwards and are hinged from the rear. To hop in, there is a side step provided but still the person would need to get in by going over the side sill. It is quite a task to get in and get out of the vehicle.

The steering wheel looks like a F1 car’s steering wheel with a lots of knobs and buttons. This Batmobile comes with an automatic transmission and there is a gearstick to change the gears. There are a lot of buttons in the centre console. A button turns on all the lights in the cabin and the red button fires up the engine. The host also revs the engine up and we can hear that it is very loud and can also spit flames.

Then the host also drives the Batmobile and he takes it on the public roads. He first drives the cars with the doors open probably because the visiblity would be hindered if they were closed. He then reverses the Batmobile back into the parking. Fortunately, there is a reversing parking camera to see what is behind the giant vehicle.

We also get to see the creator of this Batmobile. His name is Amire and he says that it is probably illegal to drive this Batmobile in various countries. He built the vehicle in London, UK and it was very difficult to ship it to Dubai. They were not able to ship it in a normal container so it was sent on a big vessel.

There are fake guns in the front, a of body panels with cuts and creases. We do not know that on which vehicle this Batmobile is based on. The rear tail lamps use LEDs and are tiny strips that sit on the rear fender. The Batmobile is so huge that the tyres were coming out of the delivery truck.

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