Indian guys discover dust-covered Batmobile in Dubai! [Video]

The Batmobile is considered as one of the greatest rides of any superhero ever. Academy Award winner, Christopher Nolan directed the Batman trilogy, and during an interview, he mentioned that the Batmobile was designed before any of the sets on the movie as he wanted it in a specific way. There is a lot behind the design of the Batmobile than it meets the eye. After the last film of the trilogy came out in 2012, the Batmobile was used to promote the movie. It seems like it ended up in a Dubai garage.

This is the same Batmobile that was used in the movie Dark Knight. The tumbler seems to be in pretty bad shape, and there is dust all over it. The vloggers even the unlocked door of the Batmobile and show the interiors of the car. As per the video, someone has bought the vehicle for USD 900,000, which converts to Rs. 6.44 crores. The vehicle seems like it is abandoned on the Dubai roads, but it has come for complete restoration.

The garage owner says that this is a prop vehicle and it could not be steered. But the steering system has been added to it. The person also reveals that they are working on the exhaust system and a company is making a fire-breathing system for the exhaust, which will make the Batmobile throw fire just like the movie.

Indian guys discover dust-covered Batmobile in Dubai! [Video]

The vehicle had the system in place originally but was decommissioned in the USA before it was imported to Dubai. All the Batmobile shots where it is throwing out a flame from the exhaust are the shots of this very same car, and the owner has procured it from Hollywood.

After creating initial prototype designs of the Batmobile, Christopher Nolan’s team took it to the UK where the vehicle was built. There were at least 7-8 prototypes of the car before the final Mark-VIII version came out. The vehicle’s design is inspired by cars like Lamborghini and Hummer, and it sure looks crazy on public roads.

The Batmobile does not get a front axle. Instead, the front wheels are held from outside, just like single-arm swingarm of the motorcycles like MV Agusta bikes. The vehicle gets an electronic cabin shutter that is designed to open like flower petals. The Batmobile is 15-feet long, which makes it as long as many limousines. It has been designed aerodynamically too and gets a lot of active wings that change the direction of the air flow.

Well, the Batmobile has changed quite a few designs over the years, but the one we see in the Dark Knight is the most the most interesting one. There are many working replicas of the Batmobile around the world, and they are very expensive too, but nothing beats the original car that was used in the shooting of the Dark Knight.