Battle of mid size SUVs – Skoda Kushaq Vs Jeep Compass Drag Race on video

Drag racing is something that is getting a ton of popularity amongst Indian auto YouTubers and their audience. This is the reason why we are getting so many drag racing videos nowadays on this video-sharing platform. And now in the most recent turn of events two mid-size SUVs from two of the famed automakers from Germany and America were made to go head to head in a Drag race. In this race, Germany was represented by Skoda Kushaq, and America was represented by Jeep Compass. Although before we move ahead, we would like to add that we are aware that Skoda is a Czech automaker however it is owned and operated by German auto giant Volkswagen.

The video of these two mid-size SUVs drag racing each other was uploaded by Pratham Shokeen on his YouTube channel. He previously has shared a ton of these drag racing videos on his channel as well. Starting off the video the presenter says that they will be racing his friend’s Skoda Kushaq against a Jeep Compass. He adds that he has no idea which of these two SUVs will win because he believes that the Skoda Kushaq is a fast SUV although the Compass, on the other hand, is more powerful yet it is still a little heavier.

He then moves on to introduce the SUVs and states their configuration. He starts by telling that the Jeep Compass is a diesel turbocharged SUV and the Skoda Kushaq is a petrol turbocharged vehicle. The Jeep Compass in the video, produces 170 bhp and 350 Nm of torque, meanwhile the Skoda Kushaq on the other hand produces a maximum of 114 bhp and 178 Nm of torque. He adds that both the SUVs are equipped with manual transmissions and the Kushaq comes with a three cylinder engine while the Compass gets a four cylinder engine. The presenter also states that both these SUVs have soft limiters so it will be hard to have a good launch on both of these models.

Battle of mid size SUVs – Skoda Kushaq Vs Jeep Compass Drag Race on video

The presenter then first hops inside the Skoda Kushaq and sets the stage for the drag race. He states that they will be racing with traction control and air conditioning turned off on both cars. He also mentions that as they are more people in the shoot of the video they will be having three passengers in both SUVs. And the presenter also adds that as both of the SUVs are manual they do not get any sports mode or driving mode selector. Following this the first drag race starts and the Skoda gets a good launch although the Jeep compass gets stalled behind. They then reveal that the Compass driver forgot to put down the handbrake.

Battle of mid size SUVs – Skoda Kushaq Vs Jeep Compass Drag Race on video

Later the the first round commences and the Jeep Compass takes an easy win after having a good launch. The Skoda also had a good launch and kept up with the Compass but just moments later it gave up and gets left behind. For the second race they then decide to send one passenger from Kushaq to Compass. Even after this weight redistribution the Compass bags a win and leaves the Skoda Kushaq behind. For the third race the presenter drives the Compass and lets his friend drive the Kushaq and once again the Jeep wins quite easily.

For the fourth race, the Jeep Compass passengers switch on the air conditioner. Then they start the race but the presenter could not switch gears in the beginning of the race and then they restart the race. This time around the Skoda Kushaq loses once again however, it did manage to keep up with the Compass for a good few seconds before getting dusted for the last time.

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