An Army battle tank driving on an Indian Road [Video]

You might have seen a battle tank being transported on a truck’s trailer, but even that is very rare. Even rarer is that you see a tank going right with you on a public road. This could be shocking for the pedestrians and vehicles that are on the road. However, here is a town where such sights are very common.

The video is uploaded on YouTube by suresh babu. In the video, we can see the battle tank driving on a paved path. Then the tank stops as a person on the side of the road remove his Bajaj Discover to make way for the tank. There is a small window from where the driver is peeping outside to look at the road. Also, if you would notice the canon of the tank is covered as it is not in use.

The video is shot in a town called Avadi. The town is located in the western part of Chennai, Tamil Nadu. It is said that a production factory that manufactures tanks is located in Avadi. So, it is quite common for the residents to see battle tanks. However, for people that live in metropolitan cities, such sights are very rare and they would probably bring out their phones and start recording.

An Army battle tank driving on an Indian Road [Video]

The tanks travel between the Engine Factory of the Heavy Vehicles Factory (HVF) and the trial ground of the Directorate General of Quality Assurance (DGQA). The distance between both the places is just 5 km so they decided to build a dedicated path for the tanks so that the roads do not get damaged.

Special track for tanks

As mentioned above, the tank is running on a paved path that is not made up of tarmac. The authorities have specially built these tracks for the tanks. There is a reason behind this. The tracks on which the tanks run can damage a tarmac road. Due to this, there is a special path for the tanks. The production facility also tests their tanks in this region so it was important that there is a special track for the tanks.

An Army battle tank driving on an Indian Road [Video]

The caterpillar tracks are designed to tackle any kind of terrain. They are specifically made to run on muddy, rocky and sandy surfaces. The track themselves have a lot of sharp edges which can damage the roads. These edges help in finding grip in tricky situations and help the tank get out of slippery situations. Even snowmobiles run on tracks but they use rubber which is a lot more forgiving to the tarmac.

Ajeya tanks

An Army battle tank driving on an Indian Road [Video]

The tank that we see in the video is a T-72 MBT or Main Battle Tank. The Indian version of the tank is called Ajeya. Originally they were manufactured and sold in Russia and they called it T-72 MBT. India started purchasing these tanks way back in 1978. So, there are a lot of T-72 MBTs in our country. Russia was under USSR back then and the production tanks in India was taken by Heavy Vehicles Factory which is located in Avadi.