Beach driving: 10 STUPID things nobody should do

Driving on a beach with waves lapping at the wheels is something that excites most people. But such driving has its risks. Here are 10 things that you shouldn’t do if you do go to drive on a beach:

Not knowing which beaches can be driven on

water 1

There are different types of beaches in India. Not all of them can be driven on, especially those that have soft sand. Make sure you do your research before you decide to drive on the beach.

Also, make sure that you are allowed to drive on the beach. Not all beaches allow for vehicles to be driven in. Make sure you get the desired permissions before heading into the water. In India, you have the Muzhappilangad Beach in Kerala, which also happens to be the longest beach in Asia that allows you to drive.

Parking near the water

water 5

Parking near the water to take a photo is common, but at the same time, it is a stupid thing to do. The main reason behind it is that when you park near the water, the vehicle will get bogged down, which means coming out will be tough. Getting stuck near the water can have bad consequences. The picture above shows just that. A few students had taken this Q7 to the beach for a shoot when the car got stuck and the rest is for everyone to see.

Not knowing the tide timings

water 3

This is something that must be known before you go in. Tide has an important part to play in how far the water moves ahead. If you miss plan the tide, you could get stuck badly. Your vehicle could also get sucked into the water if you are not careful.

A fully loaded car isn’t a good idea

water 2

Remove all unwanted things from the vehicle if you do wish to drive on the beach. Also, ask people to get off the vehicle. The more load that is on the vehicle, the more is the chance of the vehicle getting bogged down. Keep the vehicle as light as possible.

Venturing in deep

water 3

While swimming, it is a thrill to see who can go the deepest into the water. However, when you are driving on the beach, things are a little different. Try staying as much on the outside as possible. The deeper you go, the chances of getting stuck increase. Also, as you head inside, chances of the vehicle getting damaged by a wave also increase. One high wave is all it takes to get water into the engine compartment, which could spell disaster.

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