Beat-up 2006 Mahindra Bolero transformed into the latest version

Mahindra Bolero is currently the oldest car on production in manufacturer’s line-up. It has been in the production for almost two decades and is still doing well in terms of numbers. It has always been a utilitarian vehicle that is meant to take on all the broken roads in rural parts of the country. As Bolero still has buyers in both urban and rural areas, Mahindra kept on making minor changes to meet the new safety and emision norms. We now have the latest BS6 version of Bolero in the market that was launched earlier this year. Here we have a video that shows how a 2006 model Mahindra Bolero was neatly converted into a 2019 model.

The videos have been shared by Tushar Guruji on his youtube channel. he has shared two videos about this Bolero conversion on his channel. The first video shows how the car used to look before any modification or conversion work was done to it. The next video shows the Bolero after some of the work was done. The video however does not show the finished product in any of the videos.

The first video starts by showing the condition of the vehicle when it had reached the workshop. it had the original silver colour on it which had started to fade away. The bumper both front and the rear where almost chipped and had multiple scratches on them. The grille and headlamp had chrome garnish around them and they also were in bad condition. The interiors were also in bad condition. The dashboard had started showing its age and the steering cover, door pads, faux wooden inserts on AC vents were all broken. The seats and the floor mats were also in really bad condition and had to removed as part of the conversion.

The next video shows the Bolero after the work had started. Some amount of work was finished as seen in the video. The condition of the vehicle had improved a lot in comparison to the first video. The front of the 2006 Bolero was completely taken down and instead of that, it was given a 2019 model front fascia. The old headlamps were replaced with Mahindra Bolero’s original headlamps. The front grille and the bumper were also replaced with new units.

The from the front, it will be difficult for anyone to figure out that it is a 2006 model Bolero. Coming to the side profile, the work is still in progress. The whole MPV has been repainted in white and it would be getting a body coloured cladding around wheel arches. The only thing that makes it look like a 2006 model Bolero is the small hump on the roof and large sliding window for third row passengers. The rear will be getting the new type door and bumper and the steel rims would be getting wheel caps as well.

Beat-up 2006 Mahindra Bolero transformed into the latest version

Just like the exterior, interior of the Bolero was also redone. The dashboard got a new layer of soft touch material on it. The whole cabin gets red and black theme. The floor mats as mentioned above have also been replaced with new mats. Current version of Bolero can only seat 7 people whereas the older version seen in the video can seat 9 people. Overall, the work done on the Bolero looks very neat.