Beautifully customized Royal Enfield Merlin for sale [Video]

Royal Enfields are one of the popular motorcycles chosen by people who love to modify their rides. We have seen various examples of extremely good looking modified Royal Enfield motorcycles. Here we have one such beautifully customised Royal Enfield motorcycle which is known as Merlin. It is made by Bandit9 Motors which is a Vietnam based custom house. To buy this bike, you’ve got to visit their website and deal directly with them.

The Merlin is heavily customised motorcycle which is based around a Royal Enfield 500-cc unit construction engine. The bike has completely redesigned and looks nothing like a regular Royal Enfield. The design of Merlin is inspired from luxury timepieces and has a mirror finish to it. Merlin gets a combination of brushed metal, mirror finish and bronze accents on various parts of the body and frame.

Most of the parts on this motorcycle are custom made. It gets a custom made hardtail frame, steel tank with mirror finish along with a flush type fuel cap, custom headlight, custom made front forks with external suspension, custom handlebar, steel triple clamp, It is designed as a single seater and gets balance spring saddle and independent suspension. The bike gets specially designed instrument cluster that is inspired from expensive watches. The bike is also fitted with custom made exhaust, stainless steel fenders, footpegs, brake levers, gear lever, toggle switches, tail lights and turn indicators.

The bike as mentioned above is based on a Royal Enfield 500-cc motorcycle. It uses the same engine that produces maximum power of 27.2 Bhp and 41.3 Nm of peak torque, mated to a 5-speed gearbox. It also gets custom air filter. This is a limited edition motorcycle, and only 9 units would made by Bandit9 Motors. Merlin motorcycle costs around $ 19,800 which roughly translates to Rs 15 lakh including the shipping charges. That is a huge amount for a customised Royal Enfield motorcycle but, considering the amount of work and time that went into creating this beautiful motorcycle, the price seems justified. Almost every part on this motorcycle is custom made and that is what makes this motorcycle so special.

Royal Enfield is currently working on a new 350cc motorcycle that will be launched in the market next month. Pictures of the upcoming Meteor 350 cruiser have already surfaced online. The motorcycle uses a brand new frame and engine and is expected to replace Royal Enfield Thunderbird X.