Beautifully kept Tata Winger Caravan is a living room on wheels: Selling at Rs. 6.95 lakh

Used car market has been steadily growing in India for the last couple of years. There interested buyers for both regular and luxury used cars. We have featured several well maintained used luxury cars on our website that are available for a very attractive tag. When we talk about MPVs, Toyota Innova is often the first name that comes to our mind. The reasons why it is a popular choice among buyers in quite obvious. We have seen DC modified Innovas in the past but, here we have a different type of MPV or a maxi van which is beautifully converted into a lounge. The best part, it is available for sale.

The video has been uploaded by Baba Luxury Car on their YouTube channel. The MPV seen in this video is the Tata Winger which was once sold by  Tata in Indian market. It was a popular van in the commercial segment as it offered large amount of space and came with different seat configurations. In this video, the seller talks about how the car looks on the outside and then shows what all modifications have been made to it.

The Tata Winger seen here gets a Champagne Gold shade which looks good. The exterior of this van is in stock condition with halogen lights, black front grille, fog lamps and grey coloured lower body cladding around the car. The modifications that are visible outside are the aftermarket alloy wheels with almost new tyres and a luggage box on the roof.

Beautifully kept Tata Winger Caravan is a living room on wheels: Selling at Rs. 6.95 lakh

There is a dent on the right side of the car and couple of scratches can also be seen here. Other than this no other issues are visible on the van. After giving an overview of the exteriors, seller moves inside the cabin. The interiors on this Tata Winger have been completely modified. It is not mentioned in the video on where these modifications were done.

The Winger is a large MPV and that has helped a lot in this modification. It gets a set of recliners on side side and a cushion on the other side which can easily seat three people. The floor on this Winger is finished in wood and the recliners can be adjusted electrically. There is a refrigerator under the sofa and several storage compartments are also placed. There is a large LED TV placed on the wall facing the person sitting on the recliner and a smaller size screen is available for the other person too.

There are ambient lights, reading lamps, multiple AC vents, home theatre system, foldable table and many more features. The partition between the driver cabin and the rear is made from glass and this can be rolled down or up if the occupants want to communicate with the driver. Overall, the Winger looks neatly modified in the video.

Coming to the details, this is a 2010 model Tata Winger MPV. This MPV or van comes with a diesel engine and a manual gearbox option. The car has done approximately 20,000 kms and is registered in Chandigarh. The asking price for this well kept Tata Winger MPV is Rs 6.95 lakh.