Beautifully Modified Everyday Cars: Continued

AutoWorX’s Skoda Laura vRS

Autoworkx's Skoda Laura vRS 2

[Images courtesy AutoWorX on Facebook]

350 Bhp. That’s what this car makes. AutoWorX’s Skoda Laura vRS runs after market alloys, a body kit, gets a major engine job and a Milltek exhaust.

Maruti 800 Custom

Maruti 800 Custom 2

The very first generation of the Maruti 800 is easily the most timeless looking of all 800s made and sold in India. Here’s one such car, with a custom body kit, wider rubber, alloy wheels and a nice paint job.

Maruti 800 Custom 1

Jeep Low Rider

Jeep Low Rider 1

[Images courtesy IndianModifiedCars on Facebook]

Low rider Jeeps are very, very rare in most parts of India, except of course in the Punjab. Here’s one of the best looking examples around.

Mitsubishi Lancer Custom

Mitsubishi Lancer Custom 1

[Images courtesy Modified on Facebook]


Easily one of the best looking mass market cars in early noughties, the Mitsubishi Lancer is also a modifier’s delight, like this one here.

Mitsubishi Lancer Custom 2

AutoWorkX’s Mitsubishi Cedia Custom

Mitsubishi Cedia

[Images courtesy AutoWorX on Facebook]

One of the sportiest C-Segment sedans ever sold in India, the Mitsubishi Cedia isn’t a great looker in stock trim. In modified guise though, it’s a different ball game.

Skoda Rapid Custom

Skoda Rapid Custom 1

[Images courtesy BCMTouring]

Black on red looks very good, and here’s proof. This Skoda Rapid is one of the few modified Rapid sedans in the country, and arguably the most tastefully done up version. Just look at those wheels.