Beautifully modified Jeeps of India

Beautifully modified Jeeps of India

Most people associate the term ‘Jeep’ with Mahindra since it is Mahindra that made the term popular. Everyone, be it from rural or urban areas has had some connection with the Jeep. Here are 5 beautifully done up Jeeps.

GMC MM 540

jeep 5

The title maybe a little deceptive, but the vehicle in question is a Mahindra MM540. But the Mahindra logo has been replaced by that of GMC (SUV company). Other than that, there is a nice custom green shade which will make the SUV blend into the scenery when off-road. There is a custom hardtop with a sunroof as well.

jeep 6

The front and rear bumper have been replaced with off-road ones to make sure they can handle the rough stuff. To go off-road, you need large tyres. So the owner has upsized the rims and added a set of aftermarket wheel arches to cope with the wider wheels. A snorkel has also been added if water crossings are encountered. On the inside, the seats have been upgraded to racing bucket seats to make sure the owner is well cushioned even while going over the rough patches.

Sarbloh MM550

jeep 8

Sarbloh motors has done a quite a few modified SUVs. This one is a MM550. It has undergone a drastic transformation. The front end now gets a meaner look. The headlamps have been replaced by a LED unit. The front end now gets an off-road bumper with a winch and light bar. The fenders have been changed as well and now are a lot wider to go with the larger tyres. There is a snorkel for water wading.

jeep 7

There is a roll cage at the back and on the inside, there are bucket seats. The suspension has been upgraded to make sure that it doesn’t break a sweat when the roads disappear. With that comes increased ride height as well. The SUV has been finished in a metallic dark blue shade which really does make it look appealing.

Mahindra Bolero Invader

jeep 1

The Invader is the not so common soft top version of the popular Bolero. This vehicle is the 4×4 variant. The build has been completed by R&T Auto Catalyst. The first and most striking feature of this Invader is the bright orange shade which is really eye catching. In the looks department, the front bumper has been replaced by an off-road bumper with auxiliary lights. The suspension has been upgraded and the ride height has been increased as well. A snorkel has been added too.

Lynx Jeep

jeep 13

This is a heavily modified CJ 340. It has a 2.5 liter engine under the hood, front disc brakes and rear LSD. The front and rear differentials have been replaced by those on the army MM 550. The body has been re-fabricated and there are structural changes to the vehicle as well. There is a roll cage and a snorkel has been added. The vehicle is finished in a two tone matte finish which is unique. All the modifications done to this have been well designed and carefully thought of by the owner.

MM 540 Jeep

jeep 16

This one is owned by a person who owns a Thar as well. He opted to get this and modify it due to its simplicity and its off-roading abilities. At first, the engine was upgraded to that on the MM 550 and a 4×4 unit was installed to make it easier to go off-road. The colour was changed to this bright yellow shade. The structure has been modified and there is a new roll cage. The structural modification includes a new foot board, new position for front grill, new A and B pillar design, new interior flooring and the re-positioning of fuel tank. There are new off-road tyres as well. A new off-road bumper has been added to make sure that going through the wilderness doesn’t damage the bright yellow paint up front.

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