This beautifully modified Royal Enfield gets a Springer fork [Video]

Royal Enfield motorcycles are one of the best donor motorcycles for many modification projects. We have seen modified Royal Enfield motorcycles in different shapes and sizes and one of the common type of modification that we have seen in Royal Enfields are that they are converted to look like Harley Davidsons. Other types of modification include converting it into a bobber or even a cruiser at times. Here we have a video that shows a tastefully modified Royal Enfield with a very unique looking front.

The video has been uploaded by Vampvideo on their youtube channel. The video starts by showing what all modifications are done to the motorcycle. The main modification on this bike is the front suspension itself. The front telescopic forks that come as standard in the bike has been replaced with a springer fork unit. This was common setup seen in vintage motorcycles. According to the modifier, this was a request from the owner. The springer fork is an early type of leading link fork. A springer fork does not have the suspension built into the fork tubes, but instead has it mounted externally.

Similarly, the front headlamps were also replaced with a smaller unit. The turn indicators are also small aftermarket unit that go well with the overall look of the bike. The front mudguard has been completely removed and the spoke ans steel rims are painted all black. It even gets fat chunky looking tyres that were usually seen in vintage bikes.

This beautifully modified Royal Enfield gets a Springer fork [Video]

Apart from that the handle bar on this bike is a custom made unit and the whole bike is finished in olive green and black paint job. The fuel tank retains the shape and the original seat has been replaced with a saddle seat. The seating position is lower than before and the whole engine has been painted in black. The exhaust is a custom made unit which has grunty note which is not that loud.

It is a single seat motorcycle and the rear mudguard has been chopped off exposing the wide tyres at the rear. No changes are made to the engine and braking department. The springer fork not as comfortable as the regular telescopic but, definitely looks good on it. The video does not share the approximate cost of this beautifully done Royal Enfield.