Beggar buys TVS XL100 for wife after she complains of backache

They say that love knows no boundaries, even if it is all about tackling the worst of adversities. It has been proven by a beggar from Madhya Pradesh, who went against all the odds and gifted a moped costing around Rs 90,000 to his wife. This strange incident might come as a shock to many people, who believe that a beggar can’t afford a one-time meal, forget a two-wheeler.

The whole incident is reported from Amarwara village in Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh, where a beggar named Santosh Sahu bought a customized TVS XL100 Heavy Duty for his wife Munni. The couple usually begs for money at bus stands, temples and mosques in and around the village where they live and earn around Rs 300 to 400 every day. The couple had collected the money spent on the moped over the last four years purely by begging at the places mentioned above.

Santosh suffers from physical disability, as his legs don’t move. His wife, Munni, carries him in a tricycle, which she pushes wherever the couple goes to beg for money. According to Santosh, he felt helpless that his wife had to carry him everywhere facing difficulties due to bad roads and adverse weather conditions. Sometimes, due to over-exhaustion, Munni would fall ill due to pushing the tricycle for hours. After watching all this, Santosh decided to save enough money to buy a new moped, so that his wife can carry him to all the places with ease.

TVS XL100 is one of the best-selling two-wheeler

Beggar buys TVS XL100 for wife after she complains of backache

The TVS XL100 Heavy Duty is currently India’s most affordable petrol-powered two-wheeler and the only moped which is on sale in the country. It is one of the highest-selling models from TVS and still rakes in impressive sales numbers from smaller towns and rural regions. As the name suggests, the TVS XL100 Heavy Duty is preferred for its ‘heavy-duty’ image as a rugged workhorse, which is cheap, yet reliable. This moped is powered by a four-stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooled, 99.7cc engine, which pumps out 4.3 bhp of power and 6.5 Nm of torque and is coupled to a CVT gearbox.

Talking about the TVS XL100 Heavy Duty which Santosh gifted to his wife, the moped has been customized as per the government norms for usage by paralyzed people. The moped gets auxiliary wheels at the rear to serve as supporters while riding, to avoid the risk of imbalance and falling. The auxiliary wheels at the rear get their independent coil springs and fenders over them and are welded to the frame of the moped.

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