Behind the scenes of the World Record Breaking ASC Tornadoes and their Royal Enfield stunts

On every Republic and Independence day of India, we see some army men on Royal Enfield Bullets performing crazy stunts, well for those unaware these army men belong to the Indian Army Service Corps (ASC) Tornadoes. They are trained to perform some of the most dangerous stunts and in the process break some of the most astonishing records on the way. Recently, the Chennai-based automaker Royal Enfield itself organized a behind-the-scenes shoot of the ASC Tornadoes and showed us a glimpse into the incredible drills of the record-breaking, risk-taking, ASC Tornadoes.

The video of the BTS of preparation by the Army Service Corps (ASC) Tornadoes was shared by Royal Enfield on their YouTube Channel. The video begins with two soldiers saluting each other and one of the soldiers asks for permission to open the door and show the memorabilia and bikes showcase of the squadron. Following this one of the men from the ASC shows another army man the wall of fame and awards with all the certificates and medals and names of the members of the ASC Tornadoes.

The soldier then tells that the Col CN Rao who at the time was Major founded the ASC team in AC North and named them Tornadoes. Following this the presenting soldier reveals that the first record was created in New Delhi and after that this the series of breaking and creating multiple world records began. Then the video shows the glimpse of what types of stunts these daredevil army officers perform. Some of these stunts include riding through a ring of fire, shattering a glass wall, multiple people on a same bike, standing on hands on seat with the moving bike and a ton of other stunts that cannot be performed without precision training.

Behind the scenes of the World Record Breaking ASC Tornadoes and their Royal Enfield stunts

Following this introduction, the team Captian Major Shivam Singh introduces the different Royal Enfield Bullets used by the ASC Tornadoes men. He tells that the white and blue color scheme is the standard color scheme for the bike in their team. The video then shows some team members disassembling the bike painting it. Later the Major then shows the Vice Captains bike which is finished in yellow and blue paint scheme. The Major then adds that the only modification done to VCs bike is the plate which helps them to stand more efficiently.

Finally the Major shows the last bike which is the Captains bike which is finished in a blue and white color scheme to differentiate from the team bikes. He adds that in this bike as well the only modification is the addition of a plate to help in standing. Following the introduction of the bikes the Major then shows the workshop where the modifications to the bikes are made by welding different things. He tells that they strengthen and fix the foot peg so that the at the time of performing stunts it does not move and help them with stability.

Then in the video another army man shows the two ladders used by the ASC Tornadoes in which the first ladder is where he tells that 10-11 men can stand meanwhile on the second bike there is another ladder where a maximum of 5 people can stand. He then tells that they modify the shock absorber so that it does not collapse by the weight of added people. He then tells that they also change the wheels to make them stronger to cope with the added weight. The Major then adds that the they do not make any modification to the engine because the 350cc engine in Bullet from factory comes with adequate torque and power.


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