Benelli superbike crashes due to brake failure: Caught on camera

In this era of social media and fast, yet volatile fame, there has been a sudden surge in the desirability and sales of superbikes in India. Unfortunately, many of the superbike owners who boast about their motorcycles on social media have also showcased instances of irresponsible riding, such as riding without safety gear or breaking speed limits recklessly. However, there are responsible riders who prioritize safety by wearing all the necessary riding gear, and this practice proved beneficial for a Benelli TNT 600i rider when he faced a brake failure.

A video uploaded by the YouTube channel “Z900 Rider” captures the moment when a Benelli TNT 600i rider crashed his motorcycle at high speed while navigating a corner, attributed to a brake failure. Towards the end of the video, it shows the rider losing control of his superbike while leaning around the corner, and to his dismay, the brakes failed, leading to the motorcycle crashing on the side of the road.

Thankfully, the presenter of the video, who was riding ahead of the Benelli rider, promptly rushed to his aid, and fortunately, a few other superbike riders were also present. The Benelli rider had the foresight to wear a proper full-face helmet, a riding jacket, and riding gloves. Despite the uncontrollable speed of the fall, he managed to get up with the help of fellow motorcyclists, sustaining only minor injuries.

Damages to the bike

Benelli superbike crashes due to brake failure: Caught on camera

Although the Benelli TNT 600i rider escaped major injuries, the video depicts the significant damages suffered by the motorcycle. The headlamp and cowl were broken off, and there were additional mechanical damages. Considering that the TNT 600i is now a discontinued motorcycle and Benelli’s after-sales service is comparatively expensive, it is expected that the cost of repairs for this TNT 600i will be quite high.

This incident emphasizes the importance of two crucial points for all riders. Firstly, regardless of your experience level, it is always advisable to slow down at corners, given the unpredictable nature of roads in India and the instances of reckless driving. Secondly, investing in good-quality riding gear, especially for powerful motorcycles like the Benelli TNT 600i, is highly recommendable to ensure safety on the road.

Important to maintain speeds on curvy roads

Bikes can understeer at fast speeds and it is important to maintain speeds on the curvy roads. There have been numerous instances when bikers riding at high-speed understeer and go out of the road.

When riding up a mountain, it is crucial to rely more on the rear brake of the motorcycle rather than the front brakes. Conversely, while riding down, prioritize using the front brake more than the rear brakes. The reasoning behind this lies in weight distribution. When going uphill, the majority of the weight will be on the rear tire, causing the front wheel to easily lock up if the front brake is applied excessively. The same principle applies to the rear wheel when descending downhill.

Most mountain roads in India lack markings or dividers, making them unmarked and potentially hazardous. Many riders tend to increase their speed while taking corners, leading them to drift into the opposite lane. This practice can be extremely dangerous. It is crucial to always ride at a slower pace, especially when navigating corners, to maintain control and avoid crossing into the opposite lane. This particular issue is one of the most common reasons for accidents in mountainous regions. Safety should always be prioritized while riding on these challenging terrains.

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